Design’N’Buy Launches DesignO for All Graphic Design Needs

After the smashing success of All-In-One Web2Print V4.0 (AIOW2P) software, leading Web-to-print solutions provider Design’N’Buy has welcomed year 2022 with the launch of DesignO, a pure plug-n-play platform that helps printers to integrate All-In-One Design Studio with any third-party system using installable extension or directly using APIs.

DesignO helps print service providers (PSPs) to add an online editor to their storefront to enable product personalization as well as offers job processing and print workflow management capabilities with an easy to use backend admin panel. They'll never miss a deadline on orders, thanks to automated emails and notifications on approvals/updates to/from customers in real-time. So, if PSPs run an online print business or plan to do so, they can start offering personalized or customized products with easy, quick, and hassle-free integration with DesignO.

“We have been offering technically advanced web-to-print solutions for over a decade, but it has been tightly coupled with Magento eCommerce platform. So, integrating it on-demand with any other system used to be time consuming and costly affair. Now, with DesignO we have made our web-to-print a pure plug-n-play system. It not only enables personalization on your store, but you also get a powerful backend system to manage orders, process jobs with a well defined print workflow. On top of it, stay informed about current state of production with a comprehensive job dashboard. We are very excited to receive very encouraging response  for DesignO from our prospects and customers,” says Nidhi Agrawal, founder & CEO, Design’N’Buy.

Implementing a Web-to-print system not only needs IT skills, but it also needs to be part of a business plan to be successful as it needs constant updates and maintenance. That’s why any Web-to-print system that comes with a proprietary backend or custom-built e-commerce system comes with a lot of baggage. The important one being upgradation and migration, as once it is outdated, migrating to any other system is painful or almost impossible sometimes. 

In addition, all SEO efforts do not get hampered since PSPs do not have to migrate to a new platform when they use DesignO. 

“The idea for DesignO was conceived to solve the above issue. Now, all your assets related to Web-to-print functionality remains as a part of DesignO software with almost little or no dependency on which storefront software you use or integrate it with. You can easily migrate and integrate the same instance with any other front-end system without losing your custom orders, editable design templates and all other web-to-print assets,” says Agrawal.

DesignO is for everyone who needs access to editable graphics. And once the design is ready, users can share, download, or order prints as desired right from within the DesignO design studio. Whether it is B2C print consumers, digital marketers, graphics designers, book publishers, real estate agencies, and marketing firms, to B2B brand managers and packaging manufacturers, DesignO can be used to download or order personalized prints online.

“Designo offers Canva like excellent user experience with superfast interface. Its fully mobile responsive interface lets both experienced and amateur designers quickly create personalized artwork of any kind,” explains Ms. Agrawal.

Besides, there is a pre-loaded editable design templates, clipart and fonts library. Store owners can also get integrated photo stock libraries integrated on-demand to enable access to large selection of images. End customers can also upload their own photo library. They will find it very easy to select any relevant template for commercial prints; packaging products; labels and stickers; banners; signages; photo products, including photo books, social media graphics, variable data printing products; and so on, and customize them.

Agrawal concludes, “We have designed a very flexible and fast DesignO APIs, so that you can complete integrations in no time at all. Our detailed documentation helps developers to implement integrations with little or almost no support required from our technical team. Interested printers can use DesignO on our cloud servers by registering to one of our subscription plans or installing the software on-premises on their own server using a perpetual license.”

Personalized demos of DesignO can be booked by filling out a contact form, or contacting a Design'N'Buy sales expert.
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