Advocacy Issues

PRINTING United Alliance tracks, monitors, and influences public policy and legislation that impacts the printing industry, its workforce, and its customers. Our pro-print legislative agenda supports policies that encourage industry growth and innovation, while combatting policies that would be detrimental to the industry’s overall success. Learn more about the issues and legislation impacting print, utilize our legislative resource tools, and take action to voice your company’s positions on key Congressional votes.

Investment & Innovation

Encouraging pro-print, pro-growth tax policy, including: tax rates, cost recovery, estate tax, and R&D, along with policies paving the way for new print market opportunties.

Advertising & Promotion

Preserving the freedom to advertise, including: maintaining advertising tax deduction, combatting content control/advertising restrictions, shaping consumer data/privacy legislation, and promoting print as an essential product

Delivery & Logistics

Maintaining USPS as a key delivery channel for print and packages, addressing global supply chain issues, easing tariffs impacting print industry, and encouraging competitive transportation costs.

Consumer Choice of Print

Ensuring consumers have access to print communications without undue fees, restrictions, or penalties.

Environment & Sustainability

Promoting environmental policies that result in reasonable regulation and legislation addressing pollution control, recyclability, and sustainability, such as extended producer responsibility (EPR) and climate change that provides societal benefits without resulting in undue cost burdens or demand destruction of print and packaging.

Safe & Productive Workplaces

Creating best-in-class workplaces by addressing legislation focusing on workplace safety, employer benefits, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), and workforce education and development.

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