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  •   ( 02/04/2015 )
  • G1770215  ( 02/12/2015 )

    In December, the NLRB issued a revised regulation that speeds up union election times from the current median of 38 days to as little as 14. This change is a significant bow to labor unions and will significantly hurt your company’s ability to respond if a union tries to organize your workforce. Plus, the NLRB issued a significant ruling in a case that affect your company’s ability to control your company’s corporate email. In a case called Purple Communications the NLRB overruled prior case-law and said that employees may use corporate email for union organizing purposes during non-working hours. In the same ruling, the NLRB also overturned another long-standing case that allowed companies to prohibit employees from using a company’s photocopier for union organizing purposes. Lastly, the NLRB decided it will now look more closely at labor arbitrators’ decisions and may even rule while an arbitration is on-going.

    The above are all significant changes that both non-union and unionized employers need to understand and adjust to in their strategic and day-to-day management. The labor unions are expected to take advantage of these changes immediately while the appeals are considered and filed.

  • G1000215  ( 02/25/2015 - 02/26/2015 )

    The Automation Solutions Network (ASN) has established itself as the premiere event to exchange ideas and solutions on process automation enabled by JDF workflows. The group welcomes a wide range of companies either using or planning to use process automation, as well as companies supplying automation-enabled systems. ASN attendees get ideas and advice to formulate better automation plans and improve implementation success. The end result is improved efficiency, lower unit costs, and reduced lead-time.

  • G1770315  ( 03/12/2015 )

    Building and maintaining a successful print shop takes dedication and commitment. The business of print is communicating.  We communicate through written words, images and color. Managing this business effectively drives bottom line results.  It involves many areas in the business, including: sales, customer service, procurement, prepress, quality control, the pressroom and finishing.  Ultimately, there has to be a return on our investment to make it viable. How can ROI be achieved? Does it take an outside consultant to help build links between the various “islands” in a plant? Should there be a dedicated on-staff expert? Does your team need additional training?  Do you know what your normal base-line production tolerances and capabilities are?

  • G9770315  ( 03/22/2015 - 03/25/2015 )

    The 67th Annual Technical Conference will be held on March 22–25, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. TAGA’s annual technical conference is the only international conference for the graphic arts industry that features technical and innovation papers on research straight from the laboratory, studies from the pressroom, and software and engineering systems.

  • C3020415  ( 04/12/2015 - 04/15/2015 )

    Excellence through People, Processes, and Performance

    For more than a quarter century, the Continuous Improvement Conference has delivered quantifiable results as the only industry event focused on helping companies achieve operational excellence. Attendees have directly linked higher profits, lowered waste, and improved lead times to this conference. It provides the knowledge to develop a productive company culture, implement and maintain a structured improvement system, and apply tools to reduce waste and errors. Learn from some of the most progressive companies in the industry. This highly esteemed program features nationally known keynote speakers, breakout sessions delivered by printing leaders and CI experts,   networking opportunities, and plant tours.

  • C13F0415  ( 04/12/2015 - 04/15/2015 )

    Year after year, PIFE Conference attendees benefit from the exceptional opportunities afforded to them. They find new ways to save money, explore potential investments to grow their business, and gain insight into the current marketplace. This year’s conference features expert keynotes and sessions providing critical intelligence and giving your company a competitive edge.


    It can be easy to plunge into financial pitfalls without the help of other professionals in your field. Through PIFE’s excellent networking opportunities, you do not have to traverse the financial landscape alone. PIFE Annual Conference attendees share a common goal—to pull each other over the hurdles and prosper as an industry.


    Spring is a time for renewal, and by attending the 2015 PIFE Conference, you can develop new plans for your future. This one-of-a-kind educational and networking event delivers results. We want you to leave this conference with a strategic financial plan ... and many valuable professional relationships.


Published on Monday, January 21, 2013 (updated 05/30/2014)

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