AI in Image Creators for Commercial Print and Publishing

Jul. 17, 2024 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST



This webinar explores the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in image creators like Adobe Firefly, Photoshop, and Midjourney, focusing on their applications and presence in today's commercial print and publishing industries. It also delves into the Content Authenticity Initiative, whose goal is to provide transparency and author contribution in digital content. Additionally, it examines how these technologies are influencing end-to-end print workflows and discusses future technologies such as Acrobat AI.


  • Understand the fundamentals of AI and its applications in image creation.
  • Explore the some features and capabilities of AI-powered image creators like Adobe Firefly Photoshop, Bing, and Midjourney.
  • Discuss the impact of AI on commercial print and web industries.
  • Explore technologies like Acrobat Ai and their potential impact on the industry.
  • Learn about the current uses of chatbots in the print and publishing workflow.
  • Examine the Content Authenticity Initiative and its implications for digital content transparency.
  • Discuss the integration of AI technologies in end-to-end print workflows.

WHO'S THIS FOR: Professionals in the printing, graphic arts, communications, advertising, and related industries


Amybeth Menendez Assistant Manager of Print Workflow, Adobe Expert, Certified G7, and Color Management Expert Macmillan Publishers


Samuel Shea LMS Administrator for Education, Training & Technology PRINTING United Alliance