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210313 Study of the Behavior of Cadmium-free Quantum Dots In Functional Inks Maayane Lugassy 2021 View
210292 What Impact do the Accessibility Features of Colour and Contrast, Text-to-speech, and Magnification in ePublications Have on Undergraduate Students’ Ability to Retain Information? Samantha Stante 2021 View
210283 Image Processing for Web-to-Print Applications Dmitry Sevostyanov 2021 View
210281 HP Indigo 100K Digital Press Michal Shelly 2021 View
210279 Komori GLX40RPDouble-Sided Press Doug Schardt 2021 View
210277 EFI Reggiani Bolt Micol Gamba 2021 View
210268 Understanding the Impact of the Software and Hardware Components that Drive Your Digital Press Eric Worrall 2021 View
210263 Simplified Scoring and Communication for Print Suppliers and Print Buyers Brian Ashe 2021 View
210261 Esko Trapper Frank Woltering 2021 View
210245 The Study of Eco-friendly Printing Ink Composed of Starch/PVA Blend for Printing On Cardboard Juntira Komasatitaya 2021 View
210227 Methodology to Assess Green House Gas Emissions and Emission-related Risks for Companies Michael Has 2021 View
210204 How to Sustainable Create Recyclable Packaging Through the Use of Electron Beam Curable Inks In the Printing Process Felip Ferrer, Jordi Puig, and Im Rangwalla 2021 View
210191 Screen Printed Moisture Sensor and Its Application on Smart Packaging Ruoxi Ma, Alexandra Pekarovicova 2021 View
210182 Mixing Oil and Water: Digital Printing On Hydrocarbon-based Flexible Films with Water-based Inkjet Systems Douglas E. Bugner, David D. Putnam, Barbara B. Lussier, Mark E. Irving, Todd R. Griffin, and Allan F. Sowinski 2021 View
210178 Antimicrobial Treated Coatings for Use In Graphic Communications and Packaging Charles Matthews and Dr. Sandrine Garnier 2021 View
210172 The Deployment of Tracking Technologies In Digital Inkjet Corrugated Production Using Printed Marks for Brand Supply Chain Management Christopher Bondy, Ph.D. and Gregory S. D’Amico, Ph.D. 2021 View
210161 Developing A (CTS) Computer-to-Screen Application Using an Inkjet Printer to Apply a Stencil Directly to the Mesh in a Hybrid Screen Printing Processes Dr. Carl Blue 2021 View
210146 Particle Size of Pigments for Soy Water-Based Inks Prashant Kotkar, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming III, Dipesh Sonar 2021 View
210137 New Natural and Biodegradable Wax Additives Richard Czarnecki 2021 View
210127 Breaking the Pigment-to-Binder Ratio Paradigm of Metallic Pigments: Concomitantly Promoting Pigment-Binder Bonding and Metallic Pigment Orientation Christopher Hilbrich and Devin Schmitt 2021 View
210113 Identification of aim values for a CMYK-OGV based process agnostic ECG Characterization Dataset: FOGRA55 Yuan Li and Andreas Kraushaar 2021 View
210079 Flexographic Expanded gamut printing with Proprietary and Nonproprietary Characterization Charts Dr. Martin Habekost, Dr. Reem El Asaleh and Dr. Abhay Sharma 2021 View
210068 Expanded Color Gamut Printing for a Narrow Web Flexographic Press Akshay Joshi, Kiran Deshpande, and K.Panthala Selvan 2021 View
210058 An Efficient, Eigital Way to Produce Ink Drawdowns Marc Levine 2021 View
210038 A Comparison of App-based Color Measurement Devices to Spectrophotometers Dina Vees and Malcolm Keif 2021 View
210030 ColorNet: Use Case of Artificial Intelligence In Sports Broadcasting Michelle Mayer, Mason Fox, Jake Liguori, Anthony Dempsey, Jeremy Spooner, Erica Walker, and Hudson Smith 2021 View
210022 Coated Versus Uncoated—Why the Difference In Density? John Seymour 2021 View
210001 Brand Color Tolerances: A Reality Check Eddy Hagen 2021 View
200074 Consistent Display of Clemson Brand Colors Using Artificial Intelligence Erica Walker, Hudson Smith, Emma Mayes, John Paul Lineberger, Michelle Mayer, and Andrew Sanborn 2020 View
200145 Cybersecurity Awareness In the Printing Industries: Variable Data and Direct Mail Enterprises Dr. Carl Blue and Dr. Charles Weiss 2020 View