Color and Print Quality

PRINTING United Alliance's DNA encompasses color and print quality. Through the backing of our members, we drive standards development, innovation, training, and certification that benefit the entire print, packaging, and graphic communications supply chain. Our commitment to superior color and print quality enhances business performance and profitability. This is achieved by harnessing the potential of certified individuals, facilities, and technology, endorsed by both PRINTING United Alliance and Idealliance.

Jordan Gorski Executive Director

Jordan Gorski is an Idealliance certified G7 Expert, CMP Master, and BrandQ Expert and supports the global printing and packaging supply chain through his work with Idealliance as Executive Director. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry, starting in pre-media and data-driven marketing and technical service, along with experience as a technical advisor and product manager in the flexographic printing and packaging industry, where he offered his professional expertise to printers, publishers, packaging printers and converters.

Jordan has a degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson University and joined Idealliance in 2017. Since joining Idealliance, Jordan has worked across the association to support training & certification programs, global partners and international affiliates, and serves as the staff liaison for ISO’s Technical Committee 130, Committee for Graphic Arts Technical Standards (CGATS), U.S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG), the International Color Consortium (ICC) and Idealliance’s Print Properties Committee (PPC), driving global standards and innovation across the supply chain with Idealliance as part of PRINTING United Alliance.

Latest Updates

G7® Methodology

The global industry-leading set of specifications for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. PRINTING United Alliance, through Idealliance, certifies our industry’s most knowledgeable experts to qualify leading providers of print, creative, and prepress services in the G7 methodology.

Expanded Color Gamut (ECG)

The Expanded Color Gamut project seeks to establish global characterization charts and processes for multicolor print processes. Access the ECG 7 Color Test Chart, or sign up to test the ECG Dataset.

GRACoL® Guidelines

GRACoL® is a set of guidelines and recommendations to help print buyers, designers, and specifiers work more effectively with their print suppliers. Now driven by the industry leading Print Properties Committee, access Profiles & Datasets, Test Charts & Control Wedges, and other Color Tools here.

Print Production, Color and Workflow Specifications

PRINTING United Alliance, through Idealliance and its Working Groups develop, validate, and publish technical guidelines and specifications proven to build efficiencies, remove costs, and drive revenue growth within the supply chain.

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