The PRINTING United Alliance Glossary serves as an excellent industry terminology resource. It is the language by which we all communicate. Without it, universal understanding would be impossible.

To keep our constituents well informed about changes to the increasingly complex industry terminology, PRINTING United Alliance has developed this glossary of terms. Definitions are for general reference only. Usage may vary between companies, individuals, or national and country customs. The information presented is as accurate as the authors and editors can ascertain and PRINTING United Alliance assumes no responsibility for the use of information presented herein.
  • Pyrometer
    A meter for registering heat, which may be calibrated in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scales.
  • Pyrometric cones (Segar cones)
    Small pyramid shapes of ceramic materials used to measure the heat in a kiln or lehr, designated by numbers as to temperature at which they will deform.
  • Pyrophoric
    A chemical substance or mixture that will ignite spontaneously in dry or moist air below 54.4°C (130°F).
  • Pyrophosphate plated circuit boards
    Circuit boards having been plated in a media of copper potassium pyrophosphate.
  • Pyroxylin
    A plastic material of cellulose nitrate, used for coating paper and cloth.