Why Analyze Measurement Data Prior to Profile Creation?


In many situations measurement data is not perfect for ICC profiling and produces low quality profiles. Erroneous measurements can result in problems in production, often wasting time that could have been saved by making corrections beforehand, including editing primaries, adjusting white point of paper, and compensating for visual effects of optical brighteners in proofing. Ultimately, the quality of ICC or DeviceLink profiles is only as good as the input data.

In the course of setting up color management it is unavoidable that one or more of your color targets will contain redundant, non-matching, or just inaccurate data on the same test chart. Most color charts contain over 1000 test patches and inaccurate or erroneous information will likely be read. Measurement data from multiple charts may even need to be combined or averaged to provide a better result.

A tool like ColorLogic's ColorAnt can complement any profiling software in the market. ColorAnt is an easy-to use tool that corrects and optimizes measurement data. The features include the ability to edit primary colors, substrate color, and recalculate measurement data with the use of full-sized test charts.

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