Print Powers Consumer Behavior & Daily Life

Print's popularity and effectiveness is timeless and continues to thrive even in an era of increased electronic media and services. In today's world of e-commerce and social media, the real key to print's value is being a reliable part of the overall communication mix.

Print Powers: Consumer Choice

Print Powers America believes fervently in the critical importance of print in the mix when it comes to information, communication, and product packaging and promotion. We especially fight for consumer options to retain access to the preferred method of communication that best suits their needs in commerce, education, and lifestyle.

Choice and access also dictate how people consume various types of print in their daily lives. Concerns of privacy and hacking are on the rise, and paper is viewed as a trusted medium particularly when mailed through the postal service.

Surveys show that 76 percent of consumers are "increasingly concerned that their personal information held electronically is at risk of being hacked, stolen, lost, or damaged."

And while senior citizens are logically the age group most reliant on print and paper for financial services and general information, don't count out millennials when thinking about print. Research shows that nearly half of consumers ages 18-24 are concerned about suffering from "digital overload," and 66 percent of all Americans surveyed felt it was important to have time to "switch off" and to enjoy printed books and magazines.

Looking for more information on how paper and print influence and impact consumer behavior and daily living?

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