G7+™ Announcement Update

PRINTING United Alliance understands and values the importance of continuity and reliability in your color
calibration processes. In our commitment to excellence and improving upon processes to further support
users, we recently announced G7+™, the next evolution in color calibration, designed to enhance and expand
upon the capabilities of existing G7® technology.

We want to assure current G7 users that G7+ is not replacing G7, but rather building upon its foundation to
offer even more advanced calibration and verification algorithms optimized for a wider range of printing
technologies. While G7+ introduces new logic, algorithms, and features, it maintains a similar overall
appearance and preserves the value of existing G7 workflows.

With G7+, we're extending the benefits of G7 to even more print technologies, media types, colorants, and
output conditions, ensuring that you can achieve optimal and consistent color output across diverse printing
applications. Whether you are printing packaging, publications, signage, or wide-format graphics, G7+ offers
improved gray balance, tonality, and performance in various printing conditions.

  • G7 Experts: Your G7 Expert certification remains valid until its expiration date (two years from the date it
    was earned). Until December 31, 2024, G7 Experts have the option to renew their existing certification as
    G7 Expert for an additional two-year cycle. Or, G7 Experts can take advantage of the opportunity to
    upgrade their renewal status to the new G7+ Expert certification. NOTE: If you obtained your G7 Expert certification between August 1, 2023, and March 12, 2024, you will
    automatically receive a complimentary upgrade to G7+ Expert certification.
  • G7 Master Facilities: Currently qualified G7 Master Facilities will continue to be honored, and G7 Master
    Qualification will continue to be offered. G7+ Master Qualification will become available later this year
    (timing subject to change.). Existing G7 Master Facilities have the option to upgrade to G7+ Master
    Qualification immediately or following a grace period for renewal after the launch of G7+ Master
  • G7 System Certifications: Current G7 System Certifications continue to be honored and will continue to
    be available to align with the current G7 CGATS/IDEALLIANCE TR015 specification. These certifications
    will remain in good standing until the next available renewal cycle. G7+ System certifications will be
    available later this year (timing subject to change).

For more detailed information, please refer to:
G7+ Basics: Frequently Asked Questions
G7+ Expert Certification: Frequently Asked Questions
G7+ Master Qualification: Frequently Asked Questions
G7+ System Certification: Frequently Asked Questions

For any other G7 or G7+ related questions, email g7plus@printing.org, or visit: www.printing.org/g7plus to
stay on top of the latest updates.

G7®, G7+™, and GRACoL® are trademarks of PRINTING United Alliance.

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Jordan Gorski Executive Director (703) 837-1096

Jordan Gorski is an Idealliance certified G7 Expert, CMP Master, and BrandQ Expert and supports the global printing and packaging supply chain through his work with Idealliance as Executive Director. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry, starting in pre-media and data-driven marketing and technical service, along with experience as a technical advisor and product manager in the flexographic printing and packaging industry, where he offered his professional expertise to printers, publishers, packaging printers and converters.

Jordan has a degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson University and joined Idealliance in 2017. Since joining Idealliance, Jordan has worked across the association to support training & certification programs, global partners and international affiliates, and serves as the staff liaison for ISO’s Technical Committee 130, Committee for Graphic Arts Technical Standards (CGATS), U.S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG), the International Color Consortium (ICC) and Idealliance’s Print Properties Committee (PPC), driving global standards and innovation across the supply chain with Idealliance as part of PRINTING United Alliance.

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