Sustainability at Bolger: An SGP Community Event

SGP, the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership Program, held its first regional community event at Bolger Print in, Minneapolis, MN on November 6th. The half day program featured speakers from print manufacturing, recycling, and the sports industry. With over 50 attendees, the program provided a very informative and interactive discussion about the logistics of sustainability and the building of partnership style relationships among the speakers and attendees.

Bolger, an SGP Certified facility, provided an overview of their sustainability journey with a focus on the return on investment (ROI) of their actions. With a focus on their energy reduction project, Dik Bolger indicated that through installation of LED lightbulbs in the facility, they received a payback within 7 months and will realize savings of over $30,000 in 10 years. Further, in 2019 alone, Bolger has $20,000 in energy credits. In addition to energy reductions throughout the facility, Bolger recycled over 2 million pounds of material in 2018 alone.

Lynn Hoffman, Co-President, Eureka Recycling, a local nonprofit recycling plant, stated that their mission is to demonstrate that waste is preventable not inevitable. Discussing the current landscape of recycling, Ms. Hoffman provided insights into how companies can increase their recycling rates as well as contribute to the movement towards zero waste.

3M, represented by Brian Barrett, provided an overview of the evolution of substrates used in the printing industry as well as a snapshot of things to come. He stressed that there are opportunities that printing companies can explore and stressed the need to understand the use of the graphic materials often dictated the type of substrate used. Education and communication up and down the supply chain is key to making real change in the marketplace.

Attendees heard from Bradley Vogel, Sustainability Program Manger for the US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN. Mr. Vogel provided attendees with insights as to how he instituted his waste diversion program, including changes in product procurement for the stadium such as switching to compostable food containers.

The next SGP Community event will be held at REI in Seattle, WA. For more information about the SGP Certification program, please contact SGIA’s Government Affairs department at
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