Printing Industries of America Releases Special Report on Changing Industry Structure

Warrendale, PA - Printing Industries of America (PIA) has completed a special report on the changing structure of the printing industry. The latest in a series from PIA's Center for Print Economics and Management, this special report provides members with the tools they need to compete and prosper in today's challenging business environment.

Included in the report is a comprehensive examination of the changes to the economic structure of the printing industry from 2004 to 2015, with a focus on trends in employment and number of printing establishments. The report also discusses the future of print and offers a look at future changes to industry structure. A competitive scan for each state is provided to allow companies to get localized information relevant to them.

The report is provided free of charge to Printing Industries of America members as an added benefit of membership. Non-members can access the report for $200. The report can be found in the PIA Bookstore.

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