Printing Industries of America Opens 2017 Dynamic Ratios Survey

Warrendale, PA, May 23, 2017--Printing Industries of America (PIA) announces the start of the 2017 Dynamic Ratios. Since 1921, the PIA

Central features of the include:

  • Shorter Survey Option--a 70 percent reduction in required submitted information. Now printers need only provide 32 line items to participate.
  • 24/7 Secure Interactive Dashboard granting printers instant access to industry financial and operating averages and profit leader benchmarks
  • Instant Graphics providing easy-to-understand information
  • Focus on Key Performance Metrics to simplify management decisions
  • Legacy Reports and Database still available
  • Peer Group Report options custom designed by users
  • A Web-Based Surveycollection process

"The print industry is always changing and financial norms morph just as fast. To help stay ahead of the constant altering curve, the Dynamic Ratios from Printing Industries of America provides business owners the business intelligence tools they need to stay ahead of the competition," Tai McNaughton, Economist, PIA.

Print industry leaders can begin participating in the survey on May 24, and the survey will close on August 31. If the survey is completed by June 30, participants will receive access to the online dashboard free of charge. All participants will receive a free copy of the final report.

Margolis Partners CPA firm continues as a strategic partner for the and will ensure data integrity, confidentiality, analysis, and report preparation. For questions regarding the new Dynamic Ratios or how to participate in this year's survey, visit or contact the Center for Print Economics and Management at �economics [at]