Changes to the Affordable Care Act

While it may not be apparent, since 2011 there have been legislative changes made to the Affordable Care Act.  According to an article in USA TODAY, among the most significant changes made to Obamacare include the repeal of a provision requiring businesses to report to the IRS any time they made a purchase of more than $600 to a single vendor, and the 2013 repeal of a voluntary long-term care insurance plan that the Obama administration found unworkable. On Wednesday, October 7th, President Obama signed legislation that makes a minor fix in the definition of a small business that could result in thousands of dollars of savings for 150,000 businesses. Under the original law, small businesses of less than 50 employees have their own special rules requiring specific types of coverage with a higher cost to employers. Beginning in 2016, those special rules were scheduled to apply to small businesses of 51 to 100 employees. For more updated information on this and other employement issues, sign up for SGIA's December 9th Webinar, "Employee Engagement in 2015 - Final Installment."  To register:
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