OSHA Issues Letters of Interpretation on Recordkeeping/Reporting Rule

OSHA has issued five new letters of interpretation dealing with issues surrounding the new injury reporting and recordkeeping rules that were released May 12. The letters cover topics of reporting requirements for workers injured while commuting and on business travel and whether teeth knocked out in a work place accident trigger a mandatory injury report to OSHA. OSHA’s letter of interpretation regarding business travel clearly states that an employee injured while on travel, even if on a Saturday, are work related if at the time of the injury or illness the employee was engaged in work activities “in the interest of the employer.” However, employees injured while commuting to work are not considered work related. In the letter of interpretation regarding loss of teeth, OSHA did clarify that this would not be considered an amputation. However, if a work place accident, the employer would still need to follow the required reporting/recordkeeping requirements. For more information on these letters of interpretation, contact SGIA’s Government and Business Information Department at govtaffairs@sgia.org. 
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