Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend HR Ready!

Human Resources staffing, policies, and procedures are critically important in preparing companies for the future. This means driving engagement initiatives, preserving a positive and collaborative work environment, and providing career growth opportunities--all while making sure that employees are happy and productive.

HR Ready! is designed to prepare our companies now, for the future. Get the most up-to-date information and insights on HR trends, innovations, and ideas on how to build and develop your employee talent to give your company the ultimate competitive advantage.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend:

  • Learn how to use flexible scheduling to attract and retain employees.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by establishing a culture of ongoing learning and employee development.
  • Learn how to create a positive and inclusive working environment for skilled individuals who are differently abled.
  • Get the facts on properly managing Bring Your Own Device and the resulting issues of data security, protection of trade secrets, and overtime within your company.
  • Find out how to tell a compelling story about your company that does double duty to attract both new talent and new customers.

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Monday-Friday, July 22-26, 2019
2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT, Daily
It's a virtual conference; attend from the comfort of your office

HR Ready! is just $99 for PIA members and $149 for non-members.

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