PIA Unveils New Profit Booster Program

PIA's Center for Print Economics and Management, the pre-eminent source of accurate, up-to-date analysis on the print economy and management, has announced a new Profit Booster for printers.

The Profit Booster provides printers with an easy-to-use, quick and effective financial and operational assessment of their company. The Profit Booster is very affordable, with prices ranging from $999 to $1,999 for PIA member printers (depending on annual sales volume).

The key features of the Profit Booster include:

  • A comparison and analysis of the printer's key performance metrics with profit-leading firms that are similar in size, business models, and printing processes
  • A comprehensive variance analysis examining the underlying reasons for performance issues
  • A simplified action plan with recommendations for specific strategic management practices and operational improvements, such as lowering specific costs, saving resources, changing prices, and other actions to stop losses and increase sales and profits
  • A short, focused management map providing a clear path to improved profitability
  • Ongoing assistance and consultation as needed to help in implementation of the action plan

The Profit Booster program is managed by Dr. Ron Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist with over 30 years of experience in financial and operational analysis in the printing industry. He is assisted by David Wilaj, PIA Economist with an MA in financial economics.

To participate in a Profit Booster, printers need only complete a short confidential questionnaire on their current financials; the Profit Booster report is delivered within six to eight weeks. According to Dr. Davis, "The Profit Booster is a quick and affordable way for printers to promptly determine their strengths and weaknesses and get a template for improved performance." Davis further states that "the average difference between a profit-leading printer and non-profit-leading printers is around 10 percent of sales or $100,000 per million dollars in annual sales. The Profit Booster can help printers bridge this gap and pay for itself many times over."

For more information or to schedule a Profit Booster, contact David Wilaj at dwilaj [at] printing.org or 412-259-1756 or Dr. Ron Davis at rdavis [at] printing.org or 434-591-0527.