Advisory Councils

Advisory councils provide expertise and advice in selected areas. Issues addressed by the advisory councils span the industry and touch many of the communities represented by the PRINTING United Alliance Steering Committees.

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Current Advisory Councils

  • Ink & Chemical Manufacturers Advisory Council
    Provides guidance,knowledge, and expertise on issues related to regulatory compliance and legislative initiatives. 

  • Supplier and Manufacturer Advisory Council
    Provides guidance and advice on issues and concerns related to the community, offering advice on benefits and services that promote the health of their community through participation in events, access to customers and new markets, industry research, training programs and so forth.

  • Sustainability, Safety, Health and Personnel Advisory Council
    Creates awareness across PRINTING United Alliance communities of new technology standards and regulations in the industry. 

  • Women in Print Alliance
    Which functions as an advisory council, aims to attract, connect and empower women in the print community so they have every opportunity to excel. The alliance inspires action, promotes education, encourages mentorship, fosters leadership and celebrates development.
  • Next Generation
    We are currently accepting nominations for individuals to serve on this council. To nominate yourself or someone else, click here. The goal of this group is to increase engagement among young professionals through career development, education, and networking opportunities. Selected individuals will develop a more formal charge and will be invited to participate in an organizational meeting.