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Product Certification Continues Success

JDF Product Certification will help your software integrate properly and efficiently. According to the CIP4 Integration Matrix, the current version of the JDF Integration Matrix includes 208 integrations where one of the two products involved is a JDF Certified product, and 28 integrations where both products are JDF Certified (as of February 9, 2012). With more companies signing up for certifcation, these numbers will grow.

Introduction to Product Certification

The following is a brief description on product certification testing procedures at Printing Industries of America. The company will register its product on the CIP4 website. Printing Industries of America will be in contact with you after to further discuss what is needed to certify your product. Once the product becomes available for certification, Printing Industries of America will run write-and-read tests to your product. If your product is only a Manager, then Printing Industries of America will test with only write files—only a Worker, only read files. Finally, if your product is a Manager and a Worker, Printing Industries of America will test with both types of files.

The files used in testing are universal for the ICS being tested. They are based on the golden ticket supplied by the individual workgroup. These files have been developed from the individual ICS documents and the specific requirements therein. The test case files have extended these capabilities to ensure that each of the requirements within the tables within the ICS can be appropriately evaluated.

Printers – If you are worried about a JDF solution fitting into your workflow, then please visit our Printer FAQ page to see how JDF certified products decrease implementation time and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. Learn what to ask vendors when purchasing new equipment.

Vendors – Thinking about JDF Product Certification? Please visit our Vendor FAQ page and see the benefits of having a certified product when working with existing partners and new ones. Show your customers you are committed to JDF technology and are serious about integrations.

JDF Product Certification allows printers to integrate seamlessly into their existing Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) JDF enabled workflow.

The following ICSs are available for JDF Certification testing:

JDF 1.2 Product Certifications Available for:

  • Layout Creator to Imposition ICS

JDF 1.3 Product Certifications Available for:

  • Integrated Digital Printing ICS
  • Layout Creator to Imposition ICS
  • MIS to Prepress ICS
  • MIS to Conventional Printing -- Sheetfed ICS
  • MIS to Finishing ICS
  • Prepress to Conventional Printing ICS

JDF 1.4 Product Certifications Available for:

  • Layout Creator to Imposition ICS
  • MIS to Prepress ICS
  • MIS to Conventional Printing -- Sheetfed ICS
  • Digital Wide Format ICS [BETA]

Interested companies for product certification are encouraged to contact our certification specialist at productcertification(at)printing.org.

Published on Friday, November 3, 2006 (updated 07/13/2016)

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