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DOL Issues revised fmla poster and employer guidance (april 25, 2016)


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A solid human resources program is essential for any printer to operate profitably, competitively and within the law. Meeting all these challenges can certainly be done by the small printer who does not have the staff expertise to devote full-time to each of these areas. How? By using your local affiliate and the Human Relations Department of Printing Industries of America.

Find your top solutions under What's Hot and Health Care Compliance. For questions, contact Jim Kyger, Assistant Vice President, Human Relations at jkyger( @ ) or 202-527-2688.



New NLRB Election Rule. On April 14, 2015, the National Labor Relations Board's goes into effect.  Employers need to educate themselves on what the changes are, how to respond and how to ensure that your company is not a target of a union organizing attempt. For more information click here.


Health Care Compliance


What's Hot

  • 10 Inspiring ways to Reward Employees in 2014
  • HR Update (Monthly Newsletter)
  • Listserv Networking Groups and Newsletter Sign-up
  • Federal Proposed Regulatory Agenda: Review of HR Issues
  • NLRB and Employer Response Posters
  • Pre-Employment. If you're looking for information about recruiting, interviewing, hiring, employment testing, employment application, offer letters, hiring tax credits, etc., this is your place!
  • Employment. For resources and information regarding the employment relationship, such as benefits, employment policies, immigration compliance, job descriptions, performance appraisals, federal and state employment posters, employee newsletter ideas, and union or union-free issues, check out this section!
  • Post-Employment. For post-employment information, such as COBRA, reference checks, layoffs, severance waivers, exit interviews, etc., this is your place.
  • Job Bank. Looking to hire? Looking for a job? Our national industry-specific job bank can help you find the right match.
  • Quarterly HR Metric Results
  • HR Toolkit for Small Employers  The following items make up a HR Toolkit for small firms who may not have a HR person on staff.
  • HR FAQs. Our HR staff has assembled a variety of FAQs from our members. Plus, we add to it all the time!
  • Best Workplace in the Americas.  This HR awards program has been recognizing printers and suppliers based on 8 broad categories. Many members has told us that just completing the entry form is an enlightening experience. 
  • Employee Recognition Program. For over 50 years our Employee Recognition Program has been recognizing employees in the printing industry. We have Certificates of Achievement for production, administrative, and management categories. Plus, certificates for length of service and a special 25 year certificate. We've made recognition simple for your as well with an easy spreadsheet to fill out and national recognition weeks for press, pre-press, bindery, shipping/receiving/drivers, mailers, administrative, and customer service professionals.
  • Can't find what you're looking for? Use our search box above or contact Jim Kyger at JKyger( @ ) or 202-527-2688.

Affordability of premiums for employees rises to 9.69% for 2017 from 9.66 for 2016.

IRS announces ACA employer Affordability rate for 2017, 9.69%. Up from 9.66 in 2016.

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Published on Friday, April 29, 2016 (updated 05/24/2016)

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