New App Lets You Control your CTP Devices Remotely

May 17, 2018

We can now use mobile devices to start our cars, adjust the temperature of our homes, and even find our misplaced keys. Why shouldn't you have the same convenience at work? Kodak is pleased to announce that now you can, at least when it comes to your CTP device and plate making operation. The new KODAK Mobile CTP Control App lets you monitor and control up to 10 CTP devices from wherever you are. The app will alert you immediately when a CTP... Read More

InterTech Advancements Through History

InterTech Advancements Through History

April 11, 2018

For 40 years the InterTech(tm) Technology Awards program has been recognizing groundbreaking technologies in the print and graphic arts industry. Get a glimpse of just a few of the technologies that have set the stage for change over the past four decades by clicking the button below.  Entries for the 2018 InterTech Technology Awards are being accepted now until June 1, 2018. Learn about entering. View the PDF of the Timeline

Taking Print Way Further: Kodak Has Changed the Print Industry

April 3, 2018

Author: Brad Kruchten On February 28, Kodak hosted approximately 220 guests in the company's Rochester headquarters for its first ever Taking Print Further event. Printers, industry analysts, media, and influencers from around the world convened for a two-day forum featuring the latest Kodak technology innovations that are pushing what's possible in the process free, digital, and functional printing categories. Two fantastic keynote speakers... Read More

PIA Releases Detailed Descriptions of 2017 InterTech™ Technology Award Recipients

July 27, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA--As a follow up to last week's announcement, Printing Industries of America released today descriptions of the fourteen recipients of the 2017 InterTech(tm) Technology Award. The independent panel of judges deliberated over technology nominations which showcased the dynamic and innovative nature of the industry. The judges singled out the following technologies as meeting the award criteria of being truly innovative and expected... Read More

Printing Industries of America Announces 2017 InterTech™ Technology Award Recipients

July 19, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA--Fourteen technologies have been selected to receive a 2017 InterTech Technology Award. The technologies receiving the award have been judged as truly innovative and are expected to advance the performance of the graphic communications industry. An independent panel of judges deliberated over an outstanding selection of technology nominations that highlighted the dynamic nature of the industry. This year's awards highlighted... Read More

Achieving Excellence

Achieving Excellence

March 7, 2017

The print industry is currently embracing change through the adoption of Industry 4.0, which is all about driving productivity while ensuring and verifying the quality of printed materials. Combining seamless integration with business decision making allows for achieving this kind of smart manufacturing facility. At the heart of this change, we need a business intelligence platform (also known as a fully integrated workflow) that evaluates and... Read More

TAGA Sneak Peek

TAGA Sneak Peek

February 23, 2017

On March 19-22, the TAGA 2017 Annual Technical Conference will take place in Houston, TX. At the event, attendees will learn about the latest industry advances and those of related fields, as well as brainstorm with other experts about solving problems and road blocks in order to move our industry forward. Members come to the Annual Technical Conference from all over the world and from all facets of the graphic arts industry. Papers accepted and... Read More

PIA Opens Submissions for the 2017 Intertech™ Technology Awards

January 30, 2017

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--Printing Industries of America is now seeking submissions to its 2017 InterTech Technology Awards. For the past 39 years, these awards have honored the development of technologies predicted to have a major impact on the graphic communications industry.  "The InterTech Technology Awards recognize the breakthrough products that have the greatest potential for shaping the graphic communications industry," said Jim Workman... Read More

PIA Announces the 2016 Robert F. Reed Technology Medal Recipient

January 27, 2017

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce HW "Buck" Crowley of as the recipient of the 2016 Robert F. Reed Technology Medal, recognizing outstanding engineers, scientists, inventors, and researchers in the graphic communications industry. Over the past four decades, Mr. Crowley has had considerable influence on the advancement of print automation, waste reduction, and inline finishing technology. Mr. Crowley is the... Read More

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