TAGA Technology and Innovation Series Videos

The TAGA Technology & Innovation Series featured top industry thinkers giving you their insights about technology breakthroughs and impacts, new strategies for sustainable packaging, and harnessing the power of innovation. The Technical Association of the Graphics Arts (TAGA), part of Printing Industries of America, is a worldwide forum to disseminate information on technology research and innovation.


Below are recordings of the sessions from the TAGA Technolgy & Innovation Series. Links to PDF copies of the presenters slides are included after the session descriptions.

Helping to Build a More Sustainable Food System

Increased sustainability remains a priority for consumer products companies and a driving force of package redesigns. It's not easy, however, to address the many facets of sustainability while balancing other business imperatives, including changing consumer preferences. The complexity of developing sustainable packaging, particularly that has value as a resource after its initial use, will be examined along with PepsiCo's progress toward ambitious goals.

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An Ink Supplier Perspective on Industry 4.0

Dr. Parris manages a diversified group of laboratories in the U.S. and Europe for the global leader in inks, coatings, pigments, and advanced materials. The digitization of manufacturing is bringing about astounding changes in printing and related industries. She'll explore a future in which the print manufacturing process will increasingly be directed by interconnected computers that can make decisions without human involvement.

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Technology Innovation and the Success of Failure

Crawley will explain how to create an environment that breeds meaningfully unique solutions while leveraging the disciplines of systems-thinking processes and tools. He is a certified innovation professional and serves on the faculty of University of Houston where he lectures on technology leadership and innovation management. His lengthy career includes leadership positions at Young & Rubicam, Frito Lay, and a variety of technology firms.

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Industrial Custom Printing: A Status Report

With over 20 years of being an inkjet evangelist, Craig is currently engaged in client projects in digital print packaging, direct to shape, direct to object, textile, and industrial applications. In case you haven't noticed, printing is an important part of many manufacturing processes. He will discuss how to take advantage of new high-quality graphic options, including using them as a customizing feature with the proper integration of chemistry, substrate, system components, process, and workflow.

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