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110233 Predicting the Color of an Overprint of Two Spot Colors Using a Mathematical Model Franz Sigg, J.A. Stephen Viggiano, Ph.D., and Khalid Husain 2011 View
110225 Measuring Register Shift and Investigating Its Effect on Color Appearance for Different Halftoning Sasan Gooran, Daniel Nyström, Mahziar Namedanian, and Shahram Hauck 2011 View
110206 Functional Properties of the Leuco Dye-Based Thermochromic Printing Inks Marta Klanjšek Gunde, Mojca Friškovec, Rahela Kulčar, Nina Hauptman, Marie Kaplanova, Ondrej Panak, Alenka Vesel 2011 View
110190 Optimum Flexible Hybrid Screening for Offset Lithography Dr. Yung-Cheng Hsieh and Dr. Yu-Ju Wu 2011 View
110177 Study of Visual-Instrumental Agreement in Different Color Spaces for Colors Close to Boundary of Quadrants in CIEL]a]b] Color Space Awadhoot Shendye, Paul D. Fleming, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Kiran Deshpande 2011 View
110157 Micro-reflectance Measurements of Multiple Colorants in Halftone Prints Daniel Nyström 2011 View
110135 Colorimetric Variation (COLVA) of ICC Color Rendering Intents (CRI) on the Digital Color Output in a Color Managed Workflow (CMW) Dr. H. Naik Dharavath, Dr. Byron Anderson, Mr. Joshua Erickson 2011 View
110118 Key Factors Affecting Color Reproduction on Polyester Fabrics Using Heat Transfer Printing Yu Ju Wu and Gabriel Grant 2011 View
110109 The Investigation of the Effect of Raw Materials in Packaging Costs Mustafa INCE, Mehmet OGUZ 2011 View
110100 Print Quality of Laser-Engraved Clichés for Pad Printing Renmei Xu, Susan C. Londt and James C. Flowers 2011 View
110082 Predicting Sheet Structure Effect on Ink Oil Contribution to Print Through of Newsprint Ilya Vadeiko and Tony Manfred 2011 View
110071 Assessment of INGEDE Method in Different Laboratories and Protocol Modifications Alvaro Buitrago, Paul D. Fleming III, John Cameron, and Jan Pekarovic 2011 View
110048 Color Convergence Under Closed-Loop Control Steve Tiltman, John Seymour, and Jeff Krueger 2011 View
110034 Substrate Correction in ISO 12647-2 Robert Chung and Quanhui Tian 2011 View
110001 An Analysis of the Current Status of Process Control for Color Reproduction in Newspapers John Seymour and Anthony Stanton 2011 View
100500 All Paper Membrane Switch John Jay Jacobs, Sarah Stafford, Andy Walker 2010 View
100474 The Effect of Ink Tack in Four Colour Printing Rebecca Dykopf, Gloria Leung, and Pauline Wut 2010 View
100461 Metamerism, Color Inconstancy, and Chromatic Adaptation for Spot Color Printing Awadhoot Shendye, Paul D. Fleming III, and Alexandra Pekarovicova 2010 View
100445 Digital Proofing of Spot Colors for Flexo Packaging Sangmeshwar. L. Sangmule, Veronika Lovell, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming 2010 View
100423 On-Press Control of Metallic Inks Martin Habekost and Rebecca Dykopf 2010 View
100409 Estimating a Donaldson Matrix for Commercial Papers Containing Optical Brightening Agents Brian M Gamm and David R. Wyble 2010 View
100399 High-Resolution Analysis of Optical and Physical Dot Gain Mahziar Namedanian and Sasan Gooran 2010 View
100374 Study on the Slide Angle, Gloss, and Rub Resistance of UV Non-Skid Coatings Dimitri Ploumidis 2010 View
100351 Closed Loop Color Control in the Work John Seymour, Steve Tiltman, and Adam Nelson 2010 View
100335 A New Method For Testing Color-Defective Vision Brian P. Lawler 2010 View
100321 Productivity of Digital Printing Devices Greg Radencic and Mark Bohan 2010 View
100298 Paper Topography and Its Influence on Print Quality Martin Habekost, Oleg Nesterenko, Roy Rosenberger 2010 View
100265 Prepress Workflow Advancements Utilizing PDF/X-4 and the Adobe PDF Print Engine Jason Lisi and Christopher Smyth 2010 View
100256 The Analysis of Workflow Changes Using JDF and Automation Brandon Iskey and Mark Bohan 2010 View
100243 Customized ICC Display Profile Construction and Concerns Reem El Asaleh, Sinan Sonmez, Paul D. Fleming III, and Alexandra Pekarovicova 2010 View