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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
500033 Control Procedures for Lithographic Chemicals Manufacture. C. L. Gillingham 1950 View
500025 A New Chromium Long-life Lithographic Plate. D. N. Adams 1950 View
500019 Electroplating for the Printing Industry. John B. Allen 1950 View
500011 Some Factors in Bi-metal Lithography. Marvin C. Rogers 1950 View
490151 Gas Black and Boiled Oil. P.C. Smethurst 1949 View
490143 Tone Reproduction on the Press. G. W. Jorgensen 1949 View
490135 A Method for Testing Resolving Power of Process Lenses. C. A. Hunting 1949 View
490123 Lens Flare in Process Cameras. J. A. C. Yule 1949 View
490115 A Motor Driven Carbon Arc for the Graphic Arts Industry. A. J. Hatch 1949 View
490111 The Requirements of a Color Control Instrument. Daniel Smith 1949 View
490103 Color Correction and the Black Printer. J. A. C. Yule 1949 View
490095 A Streamlined Survey of Color Correction Methods. Frank Preucil 1949 View
490083 The Basis of Color Measurement. Richard S. Hunter 1949 View
490075 The Greasing Tendency of Lithographic Inks. F. R. Gardner 1949 View
490067 Ink Flow on Rotating Rollers. Lars H. Sjodahl 1949 View
490055 A New Principle in Lithographic Paper Manufacture. Dr. Frederick H. Frost, A. P. Reynolds 1949 View
490048 Evaluation of the Surface Bonding Strength of Paper. J. A. Van den Akker 1949 View
490040 Wettability and the Lithographic Properties of Metals. G. N. Martin 1949 View
490032 Coating Thickness and Its Importance in Lithographic Platemaking and Performance. Herbert R. Leedy 1949 View
490025 Residual Films on Lithographic Plates and Methods for their Removal. P. J. Hartsuch 1949 View
490017 The Production of High Molecular Weight Water Soluble Acids by the INSERT Ion-Exchange Method. Carlton B. Miesse, Jr. 1949 View