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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
540026 Results of a Study on Offset Collotype. Harry H. Lerner 1954 View
530142 Problems of Paper Stock Reuse. Henry J. Perry 1953 View
530138 The Research and Engineering Council of the Graphic Arts Industry, Inc. E. J. Triebe 1953 View
530131 Flexographic Printing. Joseph W. Viner 1953 View
530124 Errors in the Electrotyping Process. Marvin C. Rogers 1953 View
530117 Unit Chemical Operations in the Preparation of Gravure Cylinders. James M. Dugan 1953 View
530111 Presensitized Plates. Frederic E. Brinnick 1953 View
530102 Color Hue and Ink Transfer - Their Relation to Perfect Reproduction. Frank Preucil 1953 View
530094 A Simplified System of Color Printing - Some Technical Details. J. A. C. Yule 1953 View
530089 Carbon Arcs for Graphic Arts. W. W. Lozier, R. B. Dull 1953 View
530078 The Ball Four and Five Color Processes. R. M. Leekley, F. L. Cox, J. G. Jordan 1953 View
530072 True Rolling and Cylinder Packing. Albert T. Kuehn, Benjamin L. Sites 1953 View
530068 The Importance of Cam Design in Sheet-fed Printing Presses. J. E. Vandeman 1953 View
530060 The Effusor Dampening System. J. Muth 1953 View
530054 Silk Screen Mechanization. V. Straus 1953 View
530048 An Analysis of the Variables in Dry Offset Printing. R. E. Lewis 1953 View
530041 Doctor Blade Tone Variation. F. Preucil 1953 View
530028 Factors Affecting Tone Reproduction with Contact Screens. F. R. Clapper 1953 View
530022 Ferromagnetography. J. B. Hanna 1953 View
520151 A New Approach to the Photographic Problems of Colour Photo-litho. Donald C. Gresham 1952 View
520143 A Simplified System of Color Printing. H. C. Staehle 1952 View
520131 All Electronic Color Correction - A Progress Report. John S. Odell 1952 View
520121 Spectral Sensitivity of Photosensitive Acid Resists. Brian O'Brien, Jr. 1952 View
520105 Spectral Sensitivity of Dichromated Albumin. Richard W. Koch, Donald J. Byers, Robert E. Rossell 1952 View
520097 Diazo Sensitizers. George Jorgensen 1952 View
520081 The Application of Quality Control Techniques in the Graphic Arts. Donald Macaulay 1952 View
520071 Results of Research on Running Paper Webs Through Printing Presses. H. L. McWhorter 1952 View
520059 A Study of Some Ink-Paper Relationships. G. R. Sears, N. J. Beckman, J. O. Thompson, I. L. Yurkowitz 1952 View
520051 Pick Testing of Offset Papers. Gordon C. Wheeler, Robert F. Reed 1952 View
520047 Cleaning Lithographic Rolls. John A. Hinckley 1952 View