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560129 Problems in Measuring the Quality of Black Solid Prints. J. M. Fetsko, W. C. Walker, A. C. Zettlemoyer 1956 View
560117 Printing of Three Color Phosphor Patterns on Flat Glass by Offset Letterpress. D. L. Collins, J. V. D. Eppes, J. M. Fetsko, C. E. Moore, W. C. Walker, A. C. Zettlemoyer 1956 View
560109 A Modified Casein Coating for 300 Line Screen Reproduction on Smooth Grained Litho Plates. William H. Martin 1956 View
560101 Correlation of Paper Tests to Troubles in Lithography. Charles H. Borchers 1956 View
560095 Tensile-at-the-Fold. A Method for Testing Resistance of Paper to Heat Degradation. A. J. Allegretti 1956 View
560087 Graphic Arts Techniques in the Deposition of Phosphor Screens for Color Television Tubes. Howard Rosenthal 1956 View
560081 A Method for Measuring the Etching Strength of Ferric Chloride Solutions. D. J. Byers, H. L. Pinkerton 1956 View
560075 Effect of Base and Emulsion Thickness on Dimensional Stability of Graphic Arts Films. John M. Centa 1956 View
560069 Reciprocity Failure in Orthochromatic Litho Films. Raymond Alfaya 1956 View
560063 Subjective Evaluation of Graininess in Lithographic Images. George W. Jorgensen 1956 View
560053 An Instrument for Showing the Contour of Paper Surfaces. H. H. Hull 1956 View
560043 The Relationship Between Paper and Letterpress Printing Quality. K. L. Strachan 1956 View
560037 Wetting of Paper by Organic Liquids. D. Tollenaar, P. A. H. Ernst 1956 View
560029 A Colour Correction Scanner. Gordon S. Allen 1956 View
560015 The Colorimetric Effect of the Selection of Printing Inks and Photographic Filters on the Quality of Multicolor Reproductions. H. E. J. Neugebauer 1956 View
560011 Survey of Lithographic Troubles. Michael H. Bruno 1956 View
560007 Precise Measurement of Press Register. F. K. Loomis, R. M. Brink, Malcolm Graham 1956 View
560001 Stability of Flat Bed Presses. W. Lenaarts, J. Th. V. Wees 1956 View
550187 Silk Screen Drying Techniques. Victor Strauss 1955 View
550177 A Review of Dampening Systems for Lithographic Presses. W. H. Wood, 1955 View
550154 The Measurement of the Drying of Letterpress and Lithographic Inks on Coated Book Papers. Norman J. Beckman 1955 View
550150 Use of the LTF Inkometer in Printing Plants. R. V. Shalvoy 1955 View
550139 A Concept of Ink Transfer in Printing. William C. Walker, Jacqueline M. Fetsko 1955 View
550130 Measurements of Ink Transfer in the Printing of Coated Papers. Jacqueline M. Fetsko, William C. Walker 1955 View
550123 Studies of Ink Transfer During Printing. Charles H. Borchers 1955 View
550109 Study of Objective Methods for Evaluating Sharpness in Lithography. Warren L. Rhodes 1955 View
550102 Graininess in Lithographic Prints. George W. Jorgensen 1955 View
550096 The Use of Jury Panel and Ranking Methods to Determine Statistically the Significant Difference, If Any, in Printability Between Two Products. Donald Macaulay 1955 View
550092 Toward a Definition of Printability. R. M. Schaffert 1955 View
550081 A New Direct Positive Photo-Offset Process for the Duplicating Field. C. E. Herrick, Jr., P. T. Woitach, Jr. 1955 View