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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
100461 Metamerism, Color Inconstancy, and Chromatic Adaptation for Spot Color Printing Awadhoot Shendye, Paul D. Fleming III, and Alexandra Pekarovicova 2010 View
100445 Digital Proofing of Spot Colors for Flexo Packaging Sangmeshwar. L. Sangmule, Veronika Lovell, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming 2010 View
100423 On-Press Control of Metallic Inks Martin Habekost and Rebecca Dykopf 2010 View
100409 Estimating a Donaldson Matrix for Commercial Papers Containing Optical Brightening Agents Brian M Gamm and David R. Wyble 2010 View
100399 High-Resolution Analysis of Optical and Physical Dot Gain Mahziar Namedanian and Sasan Gooran 2010 View
100374 Study on the Slide Angle, Gloss, and Rub Resistance of UV Non-Skid Coatings Dimitri Ploumidis 2010 View
100351 Closed Loop Color Control in the Work John Seymour, Steve Tiltman, and Adam Nelson 2010 View
100335 A New Method For Testing Color-Defective Vision Brian P. Lawler 2010 View
100321 Productivity of Digital Printing Devices Greg Radencic and Mark Bohan 2010 View
100298 Paper Topography and Its Influence on Print Quality Martin Habekost, Oleg Nesterenko, Roy Rosenberger 2010 View
100265 Prepress Workflow Advancements Utilizing PDF/X-4 and the Adobe PDF Print Engine Jason Lisi and Christopher Smyth 2010 View
100256 The Analysis of Workflow Changes Using JDF and Automation Brandon Iskey and Mark Bohan 2010 View
100243 Customized ICC Display Profile Construction and Concerns Reem El Asaleh, Sinan Sonmez, Paul D. Fleming III, and Alexandra Pekarovicova 2010 View
100228 Evaluation of Different Stencilmaking Methods for Screen Printing Renmei Xu, Susan C. Londt, and Hans P. Kellogg 2010 View
100213 Color Reproduction of Digitally Printed Silk Fabrics Yu Ju Wu and Gabriel Grant 2010 View
100188 VDP on Packaging - Elementary Velocity Study on Inkjet-printed Papers for Corrugated Board Production Marcus Rehberger, Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp, Jonas Örtegren 2010 View
100146 Using Direct Printing Technologies to Reproduce Very Fine Conductive Traces on Paper Bemly Randeniya, Dr. Howard E. Nelson, Dr. William J. Ray 2010 View
100126 Digital Printing Comparison of Inkjet and Toner Technologies Related to Color Gamut and Reproduction Characteristics Bilge Nazli Altay 2010 View
100115 The Characterization of Gloss from Detailed Semigoniometric Measurements-An Update Björn Kruse 2010 View
100091 A Method to Separately Model Mechanical and Optical Dot Gain Effects in Color Halftone Prints Masayuki Ukishima, Yoshinori Suzuki, Norimichi Tsumura, Toshiya Nakaguchi, Martti M 2010 View
100072 Economic Impact of the Hybrid Screening in the Print Runs of Offset Sheet Ignacio Villalba, Manuel Vacas 2010 View
100060 Hybrid Color Halftoning Ahmed Tausif and Sasan Gooran 2010 View
100045 Effects of Ink - Fountain Solution Interactions on Piling in Heatset Printing Jani Kiuru, Kaisa Koivum 2010 View
100027 Security Printing Techniques Based on Substrate and Print-Process Individualities Stoyan Maleshliyski, Reinhold Günter 2010 View
100001 Use of Ink Modeling and Volumetric Equations for Closed Loop Control of Optical Density in Coldset Newspaper Applications Paul L. Cousineau and Tuba Kuklen 2010 View
90494 Electroluminescent Circuit Printing John Jay Jacobs, Joanna Church, and Jen Olberding 2009 View
90488 Profiling through Laminate Richard M. Adams II and Evelyn To 2009 View
90467 Toner Yield of Electrophotographic Printing Devices in Consideration of Image Coverage Manfred Breede 2009 View
90463 The Minimum Average Print Run in Publication Printing? A Paradigm Shift in Publication Printing! Anders Bjurstedt 2009 View
90453 The Effects of Doubling-Slurring on Grey Balance and Dot Tone Value Increase in Offset Printing Cem Aydemir, Hayri 2009 View