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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
100001 Use of Ink Modeling and Volumetric Equations for Closed Loop Control of Optical Density in Coldset Newspaper Applications Paul L. Cousineau and Tuba Kuklen 2010 View
100027 Security Printing Techniques Based on Substrate and Print-Process Individualities Stoyan Maleshliyski, Reinhold G 2010 View
100045 Effects of Ink - Fountain Solution Interactions on Piling in Heatset Printing Jani Kiuru, Kaisa Koivum 2010 View
100060 Hybrid Color Halftoning Ahmed Tausif and Sasan Gooran 2010 View
90438 Mathematical Models of Ink Mileage Curves of Dry Toners in Electrophotography Renmei Xu and Celeste M. Calkins 2009 View
90447 Non-Process and Chemical-Free Offset Printing Plate Bilge Nazli Altay, Cafer Koroglu, 2009 View
90453 The Effects of Doubling-Slurring on Grey Balance and Dot Tone Value Increase in Offset Printing Cem Aydemir, Hayri 2009 View
90463 The Minimum Average Print Run in Publication Printing? A Paradigm Shift in Publication Printing! Anders Bjurstedt 2009 View
90467 Toner Yield of Electrophotographic Printing Devices in Consideration of Image Coverage Manfred Breede 2009 View
90314 Evaluation of Penetration of Acrylate into Printing Blankets by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Yasushi Ozaki, Asuka Uchida 2009 View
90324 Consequences of Using a Number of Different Color Measurement Instruments in a Color Managed Printing Workflow Peter Nussbaum, Aditya Sole, Jon Y. Hardeberg* 2009 View
90347 Printability, Compatibility and Electrical Performance of Functional Inks Printed on Flexible Substrates Marian Rebros, Erika Hrehorova, Bradley J. Bazuin, Margaret K. Joyce 2009 View
90363 Development of a Test Suite for Digital Printing Devices Martin Habekost, Abhay Sharma, Tony Lu 2009 View
90396 An Experimental Study of Tone Value Increase Ratios on Various Printing Combinations Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Hui-Wen Cheng2; Cheng, Yuan-Hao; Chen, Shu-Yu 2009 View
90223 An Analysis of Color Discrimination of University Students in the Graphic Arts Brian P. Lawler 2009 View
90234 Contribution of the Magenta Pigment to Calcium-Induced Piling in Web Offset Lithography A. Chami Khazraji, S. B 2009 View
90247 Sheetfed Productivity Characteristics Greg Radencic and Mark Bohan 2009 View
90266 An Attempt to Reduce Dampening Water Absorption Using Hydrophobic Plasma Coatings M. Pyk 2009 View
90287 The Current Possibilities and Limitations of Thermofuse Digital Printing Plate Technology Johan Van hunsel, Jens Lenaerts, Ineke Van Severen, Alex Williamson, Paul Callant and Huub Van Aert 2009 View
90307 The Characterization of Gloss from detailed Semi Goniometric Measurements Bj 2009 View
90157 Just Run It! An Experimental Evaluation of Digital Printing Performance Greg Radencic and Mark Bohan 2009 View
90172 Color Capability of Inkjet Coating Yu Ju Wu, Veronika Lovell, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Margaret Joyce 2009 View
90185 A Case Study of Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges: Sustainability vs. Print Quality Xiaoying Rong 2009 View
90200 The Applicability of Modern Color Differencing Equations in the Graphic Arts Industry Martin Habekost 2009 View
90001 Integration of Anti-counterfeiting Features into Conventional 2D Barcodes for Mobile Tagging Stoyan Maleshliyski and Fernando Garc 2009 View
90012 Printing from Rich Internet Applications (RIAs): A Standardized Approach David Uyttendaele and Chuck Gehman 2009 View
90029 The relative accuracy and effectiveness of automated ink optimization software Anthony Stanton, Eric Neumann, and Mark Bohan 2009 View
90079 Color measurement with an RGB camera John Seymour 2009 View
90106 Weight-based Ink Trapping Assessment Robert Chung, Fred Hsu, Daniel Clark, and Khalid Husain 2009 View
90116 The Spreading and Penetration Mechanism of Aqueous Ink into Synthetic Nonwoven Fabrics Hitomi Hamada and Douglas W. Bousfield 2009 View