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590149 A Reflection Densitometer Head for the Control of Ink Amounts on Proofs. Harry H. Hull 1959 View
590133 The Evaluation of Different Sets of Process Inks. K.-H. Schirmer, K. Gross 1959 View
590121 The Relation of the Contact Screen to Picture Quality. R. E. Maurer 1959 View
590109 Tone-reproduction in Halflone-engraving. G. M. W. Laseur, H. Ter Haar, W. M. Du Pont 1959 View
590093 Investigations of the Filling Up of Halftone Plates in Letterpress Printing. A. Arnamo 1959 View
590083 Some Experience of the Subjective Evaluation of Quality of Blocks and Prints. G. E. Carlsson 1959 View
590077 Conversion Factors for the air Permeability Measured by Different Instruments. Dr. D. Tollenaar, Dr. A. H. H. Van Royen 1959 View
590067 Some Experimental Techniques for Studying the Fluffing of Printing Papers. Evelyn J. Pritchard 1959 View
590049 A Bench Test for Predicting the Effect of the Fountain Solution on Pick and Curl of Offset Papers. Norman J. Beckman 1959 View
590037 Current Studies of Ink Transfer to Paper in Lithography. Charles H.. Borchers, William L. Boehm 1959 View
590027 Piezoelectric Measurement of Printing Pressure. Lars S. Nordman, Rolf Ginman, Goran Olofsson, Veijo Eravuo 1959 View
590021 Technique for Measuring High-speed Ink Film Transfer. Alden E. Yelmgren 1959 View
590009 Web Tension Research on Rotogravure Presses. Harvey F. George, John J. Kimball 1959 View
590001 Some Theoretical Aspects of the Lithographic Process. Grant C. Beutner 1959 View
580191 The Gloss of Offset Ink and Its Relationship to the Gloss and Absorptivity of Paper. Charles H. Borchers 1958 View
580181 Some Applications of Statistical Quality Control. W. M. Cranston 1958 View
580175 Color and Tone Errors of Multicolor Presses. Frank Preucil 1958 View
580163 Basic Considerations in Reflection Copy Color Reproduction. J. A. C. Yule, F. R. Clapper 1958 View
580151 The LogEtron. Dwin R. Craig 1958 View
580139 Some Aspects of Optimum Ink Film Thickness in Color Printing. Sven Ahrenkilde, Richard Norman 1958 View
580123 Theoretical Examination of the Optical Properties of Continuous Tone Ink Films on Paper. S. B. Chemburkar 1958 View
580117 Imagewise Electrolytic Deposition of Copper for Lithography. Eugene L. Vanaver, Philip E. Tobias 1958 View
580109 Reduction of Density Change Between Wet and Dry Images in Continuous Tone Graphic Arts Films. Raymond Alfaya 1958 View
580099 An Electronic Halftone Camera. Samuel W. Levine 1958 View
580089 Printing Tests with Various Plastic Printing Forms. Paul Fink 1958 View
580073 Ink Absorption and Effect of Plasticizers on Rubber Used for Lithographic Blankets. Charles H. Borchers 1958 View
580057 The Design of Experiments in the Graphic Arts. Harry H. Hull 1958 View
580045 Unsolved Problems of Color Reproduction. H. E. J. Neugebauer 1958 View
580037 The Dependence of the Contrast of Moire Patterns on the Colours of the Printing Inks. F. Pollak 1958 View
580029 Balanced Offset Process Inks. Paul J. Hartsuch 1958 View