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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
620167 A Press Test for Paper Stability. Marvin C. Rogers, Otto C. Stoessel 1962 View
620127 A Proposed Engineering Approach to Color Reproduction. Irving Pobboravsky 1962 View
620119 A New Instrument for Angling Contact Screens. R. E. Maurer, J. A. C. Yule 1962 View
620107 New Aids for Process Color Reproduction. F. R. Clapper 1962 View
620097 Engineering Education for the Graphic Arts: Some Hypotheses. Kenneth G. Scheid, Marvin C. Rogers 1962 View
620085 Paper Research in the Graphic Arts. Herbert J. Connell, Martin P. Knowlton 1962 View
620077 Electrostatic Printing: The Need for Better Technical Understanding. John S. Rydz, V. L. Marquart 1962 View
620071 Higher Education for the Printing Engineer. John McMaster 1962 View
620063 Technicians and Technical Education for the Printing Industry. Samuel M. Burt 1962 View
620057 Maintaining and Improving Printing Properties of Fine Papers. Roland A. Aubey 1962 View
620045 Studies of Ink Penetration into Paper. C. J. Miller 1962 View
620029 Application of Radiotracer Techniques to the Study of Penetration of Ink Components Through Various Substrates. S. Carangelo 1962 View
620013 Theory and Control of Wet-to-Dry Density Changes of Photographic Aids. B. Meerkamper, C. D. Shacklett, A. B. Cohen 1962 View
620007 Photoengraving Processes in Semiconductor Technology. William H. Wood 1962 View
620001 Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Screen Size on the Appearance of Multicolor Prints. H. E. J. Neugebauer, J. T. Bickmore, W. L. Rhodes 1962 View
610231 High Speed Print-out of Digital Data. Philip A. Stowell 1961 View
610221 Videograph Communications Systems. J. J. Stone, Jr. 1961 View
610213 Computer Output Printing of Graphic Arts Quality. J. Kenneth Moore 1961 View
610207 Some Possibilities of High-Speed Electrostatic Printing. Kenneth Morgan, C. D. Miller 1961 View
610195 Instant Hard Copy Output. Albert W. Dunning 1961 View
610154 Testing Color Fastness in Graphic Arts. Dr. Paul Fink 1961 View
610144 The Reduction of Second Impression Set-Off. Evelyn J. Pritchard, L. E. Boxall 1961 View
610112 Current Status of Electrostatic Reproduction Processes. J. J. Rheinfrank, L. E. Walkup 1961 View
610107 The Principles of Parallax Autostereopsis Printing and Presentation. James M. Dugan 1961 View
610083 A Method for Analyzing Typewriting and Typesetting Errors. Louis Rosenblum 1961 View
610063 Novel Chemistry for Use in Graphic Arts. Jack J. Bulloff 1961 View
610053 Masks by Xerography. H. E. J. Neugebauer 1961 View
610031 An Empirical Determination of Halftone Color-Reproduction Requirements. F. R. Clapper 1961 View
610017 An Analysis of the Optics of the Crossline Screen. D. J. Howe, R. E. Maurer, J. A. C. Yule 1961 View
610009 Molding High Durometer Flexible Plates from a Thermosetting Liquid Polymer System. Norman G. Tompkins 1961 View