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650017 Wetting of Tartrate and Arabate Films on Aluminum and Zinc Plates. W. D. Schaeffer, D.R. Bassett, C. Y. Kuo, A. C. Zettlemoyer 1965 View
650001 Photosoluble Direct Positives. R. K. Blake, J. R. Celeste, R. C. Chisolm, A. B. Cohan, R. N. Fan, E. F. Haugh, H. D. Hunt, J. A. Sincius 1965 View
640350 Working List for a Bibliography on Ink Color Standards. TAGA Color Committee 1964 View
640317 A Photographic Technique for Map Printing. Lynn A. Wickland 1964 View
640304 Computer Input from Printing Control Tapes. Lee Ohringer 1964 View
640297 The Future Role of Computer-Based Systems in the Graphic Arts Industry. Morton Morgenstern 1964 View
640279 Electrostatic Control of Ink Misting on High-Speed Printing Presses. R. B. Reif, L. E. Walkup, C. W. Warner 1964 View
650260 Powderless Deep Etching of Copper for Photoengraving and Chemical Milling. Paul F. Borth 1965 View
640248 Challenges in Microimage Publishing. O. A. Ullrich, Lewis E. Walkup 1964 View
640238 Fotocount - a Cardboard Edge Counter. Philip E. Tobias 1964 View
640232 A Pressroom Production Report on the Use of the Dahlgren Dampening System. Jerome W. Veith 1964 View
640211 Production of Black and White Line and Halftone Films: an Engineering Approach. Anthony J. Lalli 1964 View
640203 The Kalvar Photographic Process. Robert T. Nieset, Ph.D. 1964 View
640192 Some Technical Considerations on the Fairchild Scan-a-Color. Harold Sigler 1964 View
640182 Pressroom Problems Resulting from Various Paper Defects and Changing Press Requirements. Harry R. Baldwin 1964 View
640172 Stabilization and Control of Powderless Copper Etching Baths. Paul F. Borth 1964 View
640162 A Comparison of Powderless Etching Results on Photoengravers' Metals. Marvin C. Rogers, John W. Rogers 1964 View
640151 Gravure Nip Mechanics. Harvey F. George, Robert H. Oppenheimer, John J. Kimball 1964 View
640138 The Development of Process Ink Colors for Newspaper Printing. Erwin Jaffe 1964 View
640118 An Adaptation of the Proficorder for Paper Printability Studies. Harry H. Hull 1964 View
640102 Studies on Inkers for Letterpress and Lithographic Rotary Presses. Dr.-Ing. Burkhardt Wirz 1964 View
640075 High Speed Laboratory Printing Studies With a Newsprint-Newsink Combination. S. L. Cozzens, A. M. Butto, J. M. Fetsko, A. C. Zettlemoyer 1964 View
640059 The Use of the Color Gamut of an Ink Set in the Selection of Process Inks. Milton L. Pearson 1964 View
640044 A New Approach to the Direct Screening of Transparencies. T. C. Montrois, F. R. Clapper 1964 View
640027 The Reproduction of Photographic Prints Containing Fluorescent Pigments. R. E. Maurer 1964 View
640001 A Simplified Method of Setting Variability Limits of a Three-Color System. Irving Pobboravsky 1964 View
630387 Goals in Rapid Reproduction Methods. Stephen W. Gibson 1963 View
630371 Dipoles and Their Application to Graphic Arts. Alvin M. Marks 1963 View
630361 Blue Sky Over Lithography. Paul W. Greubel 1963 View
630337 Black-Sky Thinking in the Graphic Arts. Lewis E. Walkup 1963 View