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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
670179 Selection of Business Form Papers Based on Dimensional Stability. Marvin C. Rogers and Walter A. Wozniak 1967 View
670171 The GATF Small Spot Glossmeter. R Roy E. Hensel and William S. Lyon 1967 View
670157 New Instrument to Assist in Maintaining Color Uniformity in Production Printing. Albert J. Blanc and Warren S. Reese 1967 View
670138 Some Fluid Dynamic Aspects of the Wicking Action of Silicone Oils on Paper. Joseph Ragsdale and Alfredo de Mendoza 1967 View
670127 Spreading at the Metal/Oil/Water Interface. J. A. Lavette, W .D. Schaefer and A. C. Zettlemoyer 1967 View
670066 Tutorial Bibliographies -III- Dyes and Pigments for the Graphic Arts. Jack J. Bulloff 1967 View
670056 Viscometry of Highly Pigmented Inks. S. W. P. Wyszkowski 1967 View
670044 Surface Properties of Thin Printing Ink Layers. G. Gati, G. Haiman, and E. Wolfram 1967 View
670034 Fogging-Exposure Method of Controlling Tone Reproduction with a Contact Screen. R. E. Maurer 1967 View
670012 Correlated Photographic Exposure and Processing. Meeting the Customer's Acceptable Density Parameters Richmond J. Richards 1967 View
670001 Hydrogen Peroxide Etching Rate of Developed Silver Halide-Gelatin Films. Ian D. Robinson 1967 View
660410 Ink Mist Suppression. John Rauenbuehler 1966 View
660401 Photoconductivity in the Graphic Arts. D. A. Ross 1966 View
660396 Remak Electrograph Process. David B. Perskie 1966 View
660383 Two Novel Printing Methods Based on Xerography. F. A. Schwertz 1966 View
660361 Electrostatic Sheet Control on Lithographic Presses. Frank R. Paschke 1966 View
660348 Transfer Equations of the Gravure Press System. Robert H. Oppenheimer, Harvey F. George 1966 View
660339 Automated Press Data Recording System. David B. Crouse 1966 View
660323 Evaporation Equilibrium of Mixed Volatile Solvent Ink Systems. J. K. Ely, M. P. Gagliardi 1966 View
660312 Splicing on the Fly: A New Approach to Eliminate Several Problems Inherent in Conventional Flying Paster Design. Richard T. Martin 1966 View
660292 Study of Gravure Ink Transfer. E. Joyce, G. L. Fuchs 1966 View
660278 New Paper Tape Standards for the Graphic Arts. P. L. Andersson 1966 View
660268 Comparison of Photochemical Reactions by Conductivity Studies. Krishnan R. V. Pandalai 1966 View
660126 Tutorial Bibliographics - II - Mathematical Revolution and the Graphic Arts. Jack J. Bulloff 1966 View
660114 Coded Manuscripts for Computer-aided Typesetting and an Information Handling System. Bernard G. Lazorchak 1966 View
660095 The Effect of Variable UV Absorption on Total Photographic Exposure. Robert T. Martin 1966 View
660087 Photochromatic Materials in the Graphic Arts. A. F. Wiebe, G. H. Dorion 1966 View
660082 Ti-plate. E. J. Horner 1966 View
660076 Quality and Production Improvements Through an Innovation in Platemaking. Raoul J. Casciari 1966 View
660061 Curved Plate Etching of Magnesium Press Plates. Clayton W. Hoornstra 1966 View