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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
40511 A Comparison of Different Print Mottle Evaluation Models Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz and Per-Åke Johansson 2004 View
40491 An Improved Sheet Optimization Algorithm Manfred H. Breede and Peter Pille 2004 View
40472 Process stability in five-colour pad printing of contact lenses Tatyana Korochkina, Phil Brame, Eifion Jewell, Tim Claypole, David Gethin 2004 View
40453 Improving Print Standards by Specifying Isometric Tone Reproduction for the Overall Process William B. Birkett and Charles Spontelli 2004 View
40428 Print Quality Test Methods for Linerboard Joseph Aspler 2004 View
40409 Investigation into the Causes for David Galton MSc 2004 View
40397 Scumming: The influence of the cylinder M. F. J. Bohan, A. M. Clist, T. C. Claypole and D. T. Gethin 2004 View
40380 Ink Flow Simulation of Offset Lithographic Printing: Comparison with Actual Print and Introduction of Additional Factors to the Model Hiroaki Takita, Tetsuya Hatsuta, and Yoshiaki Kudo 2004 View
40367 Document Segmentation with Application for the Book Publishing Industry Dan Chevion, Ehud D. Karnin, Gerry Thompson, Asaf Tzadok, Chai Wah Wu, Joe Czyszczewski, Mike Jensen, Hong Li 2004 View
40359 Manual Correction of Misclassified Image Segments Joseph Czyszczewski, Michael R. Jensen, Hong Li 2004 View
40348 A Study of the Relationship between LCD Color Properties and CMS Profile Performance M. James Shyu 2004 View
40332 Guidelines for Objective Print Quality Measurements using Flatbed Scanners Mattias Andersson 2004 View
40318 Image Reproduction Practices Emmi Enoksson 2004 View
40300 The Character and Magnitude of Color Variations on Press John MacPhee 2004 View
40274 Dot Reproduction Attributes of Compact Discs Using Various Screen Combinations on Waterless Offset Presses Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Ph.D. 2004 View
40269 Ink Film Thickness and Its Relationship to Quality, Productivity, and Waste in the Sheetfed Litho Pressroom John Ryan 2004 View
40256 A Method of Specimen Preparation for Reducing Colorant Flooding Errors in the Determination of Ink Strength using Spectrophotometric Measurement of Bleaches Danny C. Rich, Ph.D. and Robert W. Bassemir 2004 View
40243 Simultaneous Measurement of Ink or Coating Tack and Gloss Yang Xiang and Doug W. Bousfield 2004 View
40230 Chromatic Properties of Thermochromatic Ink L. Johansson 2004 View
40209 Inkjet Inline Printing Magnus Viström 2004 View
40181 E-Paper Production Workflow Ester Appelgren, Kristina Sabelström Möller, and Stig Nordqvist 2004 View
40163 Functionality in Digital Packaging Printing Veronica Gidlöf, Johan Granås, Monica Dahlström 2004 View
40146 Deformation of Flexographic Printing Plates D. C. Bould, T. C. Claypole, M. F. J. Bohan and D. T. Gethin 2004 View
40127 Topographic Distribution of UnCovered Areas (UCA) in Full Tone Flexographic Prints Gustavo Gil Barros; Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz and Per- 2004 View
40114 Evaluation of Pressure Variations Generated During Flexographic Post-Print of Corrugated Board and Effects of Mechanical Properties of Printing Forms on Printed Banding Erik Hallberg, Magnus Lestelius, Peter Rättö Fredrik Thuvander, and Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp 2004 View
40105 Truly a Radical Cure Neil Forsythe 2004 View
40089 UV as the Energy Source for Industrial Processing of Coatings, Inks, and Adhesives R. W. Stowe 2004 View
40076 Printing with Energy-Curable Inks -- High Energy Chemistry, High Energy Business Don P. Duncan 2004 View
40056 The Application of IT8.7/3 Test Target in Color Transformations for Printing Devices via Look-Up Tables Mei-Chun Lo, Yui-Liang Chen, Chia-Wei Chang , Yu-Lin Chen 2004 View
40044 The Role of Image Statistics on Cross-Media Gamut Mapping Pei-Li Sun and Zhong-Wei Zheng 2004 View