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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
60512 A Digital Proofing Study for Taiwan Dr. Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Miss. Yu-Ju Wu, and Mr. Charles C. Y. Chang 2006 View
60486 Perceived Satisfaction by Customers in the Digital Printing Value System Thomas Mejtoft 2006 View
60465 Influence of the Thermal Field on the Fusing Step in Electrophotographic Printing Pierre Vernhes, Anne Blayo, Jean-Francis Bloch and Bernard Pineaux 2006 View
60453 Monitoring Digital Package Printing Performance Panu Lahtinen, Juhani Paukku and Nikolai Beletski 2006 View
60443 Study of Ink Mileage Curve of Gravure Printing Renmei Xu, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Xiao-Qin Wang 2006 View
60430 Gravure Process Color Gamut Optimization Robert Chung and Fred Hsu* 2006 View
60419 Print line Quality in the Gravure Process. Eifion Jewell, Timothy C. Claypole and Glyn Davies 2006 View
60409 Shrink Sleeve Flexo Inks Veronika Pekarovicova, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Paul D. Fleming III* 2006 View
60395 Measurement of the Ink Release from the Anilox Roll John Cherry, Tim C. Claypole and David T. Gethin 2006 View
60373 Model for Print Quality Evaluation of Hybrid Printed Matter Magnus Viström and Åsa Gidlund 2006 View
60355 A Novel Solution to the Evaluation of Flexographic Print Quality David Galton and Roy Rosenberger 2006 View
60345 The Effect of Blanket Packing Configurations on Image Reproduction in Lithographic Printing D.C. Bould, T. C. Claypole and C.O. Phillips* 2006 View
60332 Manual and Analytical Assessment of Piling Dr. Mark Bohan, Eric Cathie and Lindsay Ferrari 2006 View
60315 A New Photopolymer Technology for a Develop-On-Press, Thermal CTP Plate Chris McCullough and Kevin Ray* 2006 View
60292 Testing the Validity of Measuring Gray Balance with the GATF Color Circle, Grayness and Hue Error Values Manfred H. Breede 2006 View
60273 Colour Gamuts Mattias Andersson and Ole Norberg* 2006 View
60257 Colorimetric Characterization of Printing Systems Using Targets Compensated for Tonal Value Increase Liam O 2006 View
60236 The Effects of Coatings on Color Gamuts in Lithography Anthony Stanton and Mark Bohan 2006 View
60218 The Effect of Colorants in Proofing Systems in Comparison to Standard Four Color Process Inks Martin Habekost 2006 View
60193 Compensation by Black (CB) Emmi Enoksson and Anders Bjurstedt 2006 View
60177 How Big Is Color? John Seymour 2006 View
60172 Optimizing RGB for the Graphic Arts E. M. Granger 2006 View
60159 Color Reproduction Studies in RGB and CMYK Workflows Using Inkjet Printer Drivers and RIPs Erika Hrehorova, Dr Abhay Sharma and Dr Paul D Fleming III 2006 View
60157 RGB Electronic Test Targets E. M. Granger and Reuben Rettke 2006 View
60151 The Synergistic Relationship between Standards for Data Exchange, Metrology, Process Control, and Color Management. David Q. McDowell 2006 View
60133 The Application of White Light Interferometry in the Graphic Arts Ryszard Sprycha, Richard Durand Jr. and Greg Pace* 2006 View
60120 Assessing the Surface Structure of Printing Papers under Pressure M. Wanske, R. Klein, H. Grossmann 2006 View
60118 The Correlation of Macro Print Mottle to Surface Topography as Measured by an Optical Surface Topography System Roy Rosenberger 2006 View
60100 Non-leafing Aluminium for Metallic Offset Ink Oliver Schwab and Wandee Poolpol 2006 View
60088 The Utilization of Camera Phone Technology in Publication and Packaging Applications Jali Heilmann, Liisa Hakola, Hannu Linna and Elina Rusko 2006 View