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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
50282 A Regression-Based Model of Colorimetric Tone Reproduction for Use in Print Standards William B. Birkett and Charles Spontelli 2005 View
50271 A JDF-enabled Workflow Simulation Tool Claes Buckwalter 2005 View
50258 An applied Scheme for Cross-linking News Resources between Physical and Digital Editions Dr Alex Jonsson, Ola Johansson, Martin Leandertz 2005 View
50238 Converging Technologies In Prepress From 1980 To 2003 Anders Bjurstedt, M. M. Eng. 2005 View
50222 Quantification of piling Mark Bohan and John Lind 2005 View
50188 Measurement of the cell volume of Anilox rolls John Cherry, Simon Hamblyn, M. F. J. Bohan, Tim C. Claypole and David T. Gethin 2005 View
50169 Consistency of Flexographic Platemaking S. M. Hamblyn, D. C. Bould, M. F. J. Bohan, T. C. Claypole, D. T. Gethin 2005 View
50153 Red-Hot and Violet. Photopolymer Systems at Your Service Stefan Kull, H.-J. Timpe, M. Fluge*, H. Baumann 2005 View
50135 Thermofuse Digital Plate Technology J.Vander Aa, J.Vermeersch and J.Van Hunsel * 2005 View
50119 New Generation of NPH, Thermal CTP Plates Chris McCullough, Kevin Ray* 2005 View
50110 Light Fastness of Pigment-based and Dye-based Inkjet Inks Adam Rasmusson, Veronika Chovancova, Paul D. Fleming III and Alexandra Pekarovicova 2005 View
50097 Rheological Studies of Two-Component Inks for Pad Printing on Lenses T. V. Korochkina, P.A. Brame, T. C. Claypole and D. T. Gethin 2005 View
50084 Colour Separation with Dynamically Changeable Inks L. Johansson and B. Kruse 2005 View
50064 Requirements for Virtual Proofing Dr. Christopher J. Edge 2005 View
50054 Soft Proofing William W. Li 2005 View
50042 Color Repeatability of Spot Color Printing Robert Chung 2005 View
50030 Automatic Viscosity Control in Gravure Printing G.R. Davies, G. Hawthorne, D.C. Bould, T. C. Claypole 2005 View
50015 Spot Color Consistency for Product Gravure Erika Hrehorova, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming III and Margaret Joyce 2005 View
50001 The Effect of Diamond Geometry and Wear on Rotogravure Engraving Andy Clist, Mark F. J. Bohan and Tim C. Claypole 2005 View
40672 Adhesion at Toner/Paper Interface in Electrophotographic Printing Laurence Leroy, Véronique Morin, and Alessandro Gandini 2004 View
40650 Micro-Electronic Printing: The State of the Art, Current Research Activities and the Future Potential. Tim C. Claypole, David T. Gethin and Eifion. H. Jewell 2004 View
40640 The Maturation of the Job Definition Format: Changes in JDF 1.2 James E. Harvey 2004 View
40622 From printed matters to information distribution New strategies in the Graphic Arts industry Christian Persson, Ulf Dubois 2004 View
40607 An Optimization of Digital Halftoning Using Content Sensitive Adjustment Taoi Hsu 2004 View
40592 Frequency Modulated Halftoning and Dot Gain Sasan Gooran and Li Yang 2004 View
40578 A Study of Mailroom Runnability and the Occurrence of Unplanned Stops Lena Halonen, M.Sc, Sara Andersson, Johan Stenberg, Ph.D. 2004 View
40561 Measurement Method and Analysis of Dynamic Dimensional Stability of Paper Web Juhani Paukku and Markku Parola 2004 View
40551 Comparison of Print from Laser and Electromechanically Engraved Cylinder Alexandra Pekarovicova, Xiaoying Rong, and Jan Pekarovic 2004 View
40541 Printing of conducting inks on paper Tim C. Claypole, Eifion Jewell, William J. Ray and Yuri Bery 2004 View
40526 ContRAST Evaluation of ink jet print quality. Specific measurement in correlation with visual perception. Christophe Trehoult , Véronique Morin, and Paul Piette 2004 View