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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
60157 RGB Electronic Test Targets E. M. Granger and Reuben Rettke 2006 View
60151 The Synergistic Relationship between Standards for Data Exchange, Metrology, Process Control, and Color Management. David Q. McDowell 2006 View
60133 The Application of White Light Interferometry in the Graphic Arts Ryszard Sprycha, Richard Durand Jr. and Greg Pace* 2006 View
60120 Assessing the Surface Structure of Printing Papers under Pressure M. Wanske, R. Klein, H. Grossmann 2006 View
60118 The Correlation of Macro Print Mottle to Surface Topography as Measured by an Optical Surface Topography System Roy Rosenberger 2006 View
60100 Non-leafing Aluminium for Metallic Offset Ink Oliver Schwab and Wandee Poolpol 2006 View
60088 The Utilization of Camera Phone Technology in Publication and Packaging Applications Jali Heilmann, Liisa Hakola, Hannu Linna and Elina Rusko 2006 View
60069 Smart Inks L. Lin 2006 View
60054 Integration Patterns Applied to Print Production Claes Buckwalter* 2006 View
60043 Automation and JDF Workflows Mark Bohan, Brandon Iskey, Rick Wagner and Greg Radencic 2006 View
60024 Market Conditions For European Publication Printing -- A Twenty Year Survey 1985-2005 Anders Bjurstedt 2006 View
60001 Towards a Ubiquitous Media Environment - Adding the e-newspaper Channel Maria Åkesson and Carina Ihlström, PhD 2006 View
50551 The switch of behaviour of sized papers during liquid drop impaction Dushmantha Kannangara, Hailong Zhang and Wei Shen* 2005 View
50536 Visualizing fountain solution droplets in an ink vehicle-fountain solution emulsion by confocal microscopy and 3D image reconstruction Fuping Liu, Wei Shen and Ian H. Parker 2005 View
50513 Further understanding on the surface chemistry of conventional lithography Wei Shen, Brenda Hutton and Fuping Liu 2005 View
50498 Interactions between UV curing, hybrid-UV and sheetfed offset inks and coated paper Dr Sanna Rousu, Jan Gustafsson, Dr Janet Preston, Dr Peter Heard 2005 View
50485 Physical Properties of LWC Papers and Gravure Ink Mileage Renmei Xu, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Valery Bliznyuk* 2005 View
50474 Observation of the Ink Vehicle Penetration into Coated Paper by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Yasushi Ozaki, Douglas W. Bousfield and Stephen M. Shaler 2005 View
50454 A Digital Test Form for ICC-profiles Emmi Enoksson 2005 View
50439 The influence of coating on general and reference printing conditions Mark Bohan and John Lind 2005 View
50426 A Study of Maintenance Practice in the Printing Industry Eifion Jewell, Nigel Wells and Tim C. Claypole 2005 View
50411 Production of 3D Structures in Printing Veronika Chovancova, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming III 2005 View
50384 The Relationship between the Chroma Values of Neutral Gray and Important Print Attributes Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Ph.D. Yu-Ju Wu 2005 View
50367 Quality Space for High-Quality Inkjet Prints 2005 View
50357 Optimizing Proofing in a Digital Work Flow Kudzai Chigogora, Paul D. Fleming III and Abhay Sharma 2005 View
50347 Two and three dimensional characterization of screen printed Lines Eifion H. Jewell, Tim C. Claypole and David T. Gethin 2005 View
50338 Combining the Advantages of Alternative Screening Modes with an Image Decomposition on Continuous Tone and Line Matter Constituent Parts Yuri V. Kuznetsov, Andrey A. Schadenko, Inna V. Kostuk, Paul A. Wolneykien 2005 View
50319 The Challenge of E-paper Publishing Dr. Carina Ihlström, Dr. Kristina Sabelström Möller, and Maria Åkesson 2005 View
50310 How Yellow and Some Magenta Process Inks Acerbate Lateral Diffusion Error David L. Spooner 2005 View
50302 Correcting Measured Colorimetric Data for Differences in Backing Material David Q. McDowell, Robert Chung and Lingjun Kong 2005 View