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70527 How Paper Properties Influence Color Reproduction of Digital Proofs for Publication Gravure Yu Ju Wu, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming 2007 View
70517 The Effects of Paper Coating on Gravure Ink Mileage Renmei Xu, Yu Ju Wu, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Michelle X. Wang 2007 View
70506 Effect of Viscosity on Halftone Reproduction in Rotogravure Printing G.R.Davies, S.M.Hamblyn, T.C.Claypole and D.T.Gethin 2007 View
70482 Mechanisms of Abnormal Dot Deformation in Gravure Printing Ryszard Sprycha, Richard Durand Jr. and Greg Pace 2007 View
70452 Color Reproduction Optimization: A Study of Current Technology & Practice for the Flexographic Printing Process Li-Wen Chen, and Dr. Nona Woolbright 2007 View
70426 An Experimental Study of Printing RFID Tag Antennas Using Screen Printing Processes Yung-Cheng Hsieh, and Hui-Wen Cheng 2007 View
70416 Correlation between Ink Rheology and Press Performance of Water-based Flexographic Inks Rurou Mai, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Paul D. Fleming III 2007 View
70403 A novel solution for the characterisation of corrugated printing quality David Galton and Roy Rosenberger 2007 View
70383 A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of the Impact of the Number of Patches Included in Profiling Targets Dimitrios M. Ploumidis 2007 View
70367 Topographical micro-changes on corrugated board liners - A comparison between laboratory and full-scale effects. Marcus Rehberger, Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp, and Per-Åke Johansson 2007 View
70349 Analysis of Color Rendering in Digital Cameras Jason Lisi, Abhay Sharma 2007 View
70311 How Many Delta Es Are There in a Delta D? John Seymour 2007 View
70291 Color difference equations and the human eye Martin Habekost 2007 View
70273 Densitometric and Planimetric Measurement Techniques for Newspaper Printing Maria S. Wroldsen, Peter Nussbaum, Jon Y. Hardeberg 2007 View
70264 Characterization of Penetration of Solvents into Press Blankets by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Yasushi Ozaki, Douglas W. Bousfield and Stephen M. Shaler 2007 View
70257 An Evaluation of Generic Output Profiles for n-Color Printing Jay Sperry and Liam O'Hara 2007 View
70244 Characterization of Conductive Polymer Inks based on PEDOT:PSS Erika Hrehorova, Marian Rebros, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Valery N. Bliznyuk 2007 View
70227 The Effect of Paper Properties on Print Quality M. Péralba, M. Dubé, L. Cormier, and P. Mangin 2007 View
70213 Significance of Print Quality in Variable Data Printing Åsa Gidlund, Thomas Mejtoft, and Sofia Demnert 2007 View
70201 Profiling Ecosolvent Inkjet Printers Richard M. Adams II and Mark Gundlach 2007 View
70192 Method for Calibration of a Printing System With Digital Data Using Near-Neutral Scales David Q. McDowell 2007 View
70176 A Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of the GRACoL and ISO Approaches to Press Characterization and the Data Sets Produced Greg Radencic, Joe Suffoletto, and Dr. Mark Bohan 2007 View
70163 The Effect of Certain Process Parameters On Inherent Color Variations on Press John MacPhee 2007 View
70156 Benefits of Concentric Screening in Offset Lithography Mark R. Samworth 2007 View
70124 Influences of Rendering Intents on Reproduced Colors Using Color-Managed Graphic Workflows Anthony Stanton and Mark Bohan 2007 View
70093 The Impact of Changing Fountain Solution Chemistry and Press Consumables on the Runnability of a Web Offset Press Greg Radencic, Eric Cathie and Lindsay Ferrari, and Dr. Mark Bohan 2007 View
70079 The Printing Problems Created by the Use of Reduced VOC Wash-up Solvents and Their Effect on Press Productivity John MacPhee 2007 View
70063 The Effect of Ink Film Thickness Variations on Color Control in the Circumferential Printing Cylinder Direction of Offset Presses Manfred H. Breede 2007 View
70038 Strategic Alliances in the Digital Printing Industry Thomas Mejtoft and Åsa Nordin 2007 View
70001 Is There A Future For The European Publication Printing Industry? A study of the European publishing markets and the effects of important techno-economical factors 2007-2010 Anders Bjurstedt 2007 View