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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
80305 Measurement methods for controlling silver metallic ink film thickness Manfred H. Breede and Abhay Sharma 2008 View
80292 Rotogravure Printed UHF RFID Antennae Directly on Packaging Materials Marian Rebros, Erika Hrehorova, Bradley J. Bazuin, Margaret K. Joyce, Paul D. Fleming, Alexandra Pekarovicova 2008 View
80285 G7 Method for Flexographic Press Calibration Michael Bayard, Xiaoying Rong, Malcolm Keif 2008 View
80267 The Interaction between Water and Liner and Newsprint in Flexographic CI-Printing Press Johanna Johnson, Magnus Lestelius, Erik Blohm, Peter Rättö, and Lars Järnström 2008 View
80252 Flexo printing of fine lines Tim C. Claypole, David Bould, Richard Hall, Eifion Jewell and David Gethin 2008 View
80232 Spectrophotometer inter-instrument agreement on the color measured from reference and printed samples Greg Radencic, Eric Neumann, and Dr. Mark Bohan 2008 View
80202 Building a Bridge from Dense City to Colorimetropolis John Seymour 2008 View
80191 A Comparison of Color Difference Data and Formulas Dr. Edward M. Granger 2008 View
80177 An evaluation of different strategies for ink savings on press Eric Neumann, Greg Radencic, and Dr. Mark Bohan 2008 View
80153 Gray Balance Control in Sheet-Fed Offset Printing Emmi Enoksson, Jonas Ullberg 2008 View
80136 Wettability of Model Fountain Solutions and Their Influence on Offset Paper Properties C-M Tag, M. Pykonen, J.B. Rosenholm, K. Backfolk 2008 View
80117 Controlling Ink Color during the Press Run - Solid Ink or Gray Balance Raymond J. Prince, Chuck Koehler, Steve Suffoletto, Joseph Suffoletto ,Dr. Tony Stanton , Dr. Bruce Blom 2008 View
80111 Predicting Pictorial Color Image Match Robert Chung and Wuhui Liu 2008 View
80075 Aquapiling: Coated Substrate-Related Influences on Reverse Piling from a One-Side Single Colour Image in Multicolour Offset Printing Patrick A.C. Gane, Cathy J. Ridgway, Peter Burri , Manfred Arnold, Karl-Heinz Kagerer, Barry Madden, Matti Ristolainen and Jarkko Purontaus 2008 View
80065 Evaluation of acrylate penetration into printing blanket by IR imaging Yasushi Ozaki, Asuka Uchida 2008 View
80051 Influence of paper and ink combination on the physical characteristics of newsprint Tim C. Claypole, Eifion H. Jewell, Nigel Wells and Paul Casey 2008 View
80035 Simulation Experiments in Turbid Media - The Effect of Inhomogeneous Layers Björn Kruse 2008 View
80019 Variational-Methods-Based Glyph Vectorization V. Kluzner, A. Tzadok and M. Stanich 2008 View
80012 A Voyage to Lilliput - The Impacts of Nanotechnology on the Printing Industry Eugene L. Langlais II 2008 View
80001 Flexographic Platemaking Using Rapid Prototyping Technologies Renmei Xu, James C. Flowers 2008 View
70649 Spatial Uniformity of Offset Printing Franz Sigg 2007 View
70631 Water-Borne And Solvent-Based Flexographic Inks- Influence On Uncovered Area And Ink Leveling On Pecoated Paperboard Behudin Mesic, Gunnar Engstr 2007 View
70622 Inks on Lightfastness Arif OZCAN, Esra GENCKAYA, Semiha YENIDOGAN, Yasemin SESLI 2007 View
70614 The Use of Colorimetric Values to Setup the Printing Press Carlo Emilio Balestrini 2007 View
70605 A Study of PLA Printability with Flexography Xiaoying Rong, Malcolm Keif 2007 View
70596 The Study of Missing Dots of Electromechanical and Laser Engraved Cylinders Xiaoying Rong, Alexandra Pekarovicova 2007 View
70585 Investigation of the Differences Between Conventional, Thermal and Violet Plates by Test Prints Sinan Sonmez, Hayri Unal, Lutfi Ozdemir, Mustafa Batuhan Kurt 2007 View
70575 The Examination of The Impact of Humidity on Cardboard Endurance in The Offset Printed and Laminated Packages Dogan Tutak, Cem Özakhun, Ahmet Akgul 2007 View
70567 The Investigation of the Physical Conditions of the Printing Environment on the Ink Colour Value Hayri UNAL, Mehmet OGUZ, Osman SIMSEKER 2007 View
70545 Can Colorimetry Predict a Match Between Proof and Press Sheet? John Seymour 2007 View