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190199 Color Studies Curriculum: Re-Envisioning Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color in the Digital Age Yue (Julia) Cao and Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. 2019 View
190189 A New, More User-Friendly Digital Colour-Picker? Nicoline Kinch 2019 View
190176 Relationships Between the Surface Texture of Flexographic Printing Plates and the Printability of Kraft Paper Csaba Horváth, Klaudia Palova, and József Cziráki 2019 View
190167 Printability Analysis of Flexographic Printing On Compostable Films Aran Hansuebsai and Samatcha Nawakitwong 2019 View
190157 Water Based Soy Inks for Packaging Rahul Pingale, Veronika Husovska, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Paul D. Fleming III 2019 View
190136 An Experimental Study of Key Factors Affecting Color Reproduction on Corrugated Board Using UV Wide-format Inkjet Printer Dr. Yu-Ju Wu 2019 View
190129 Common Milkweed as an Alternative Cellulose Fiber Source for Making Paper with Strength and Moisture Resistance Hans Kellogg, Heather Hendrixson, Renmei Xu, Maruthi Srivatsan Mogundan, Matt Stoops, and Paul D. Fleming, III 2019 View
190124 Omnichannel Automation: Bridging Print and Digital, and Enriching the Customer Experience Josie Stein, David Baldaro, and Idan Youval 2019 View
190109 Streaks and Banding: Measuring Macro Uniformity in the Context of Optimization Processes for Inkjet Printing Daniel Hall 2019 View
190097 Colour Accuracy of Corporate Colours in Expanded Gamut Print Reproduction Dr. Martin Habekost and Igor Grusecki 2019 View
190089 Optimal Test Charts Thorsten Braun and Jodi Alejandro 2019 View
190070 Millennial Consumer Behavior with Mobile Technology Colleen Twomey, Dina Vees, Ashley Boehmer, and Jessica Dimulas 2019 View
190058 Development Process of a Smart Code Based On Smart Materials Mustafa Bilgin and Johannes Backhaus 2019 View
190047 Categorical Effects In Printed Color for Elderly and Young People Under Different Color Temperature of Lighting Supawadee Theerathammakorn, Boonchai Waleetorncheepsawat, and Tomoko Obama 2019 View
190037 A Corrected Kubelka-Munk Model for Color Prediction of Pre-colored Fiber Blends Chun-ao Wei and Xiaoxia Wan 2019 View
190029 An Evaluation to Identify Best Printing Process and Substrate for Newly Developed Color Vision Deficiency Diagnosing Tool Ganesh Kumar and Mohan Venkat 2019 View
190022 UV-LED Curing In Lithographic Inks David A Biro and Rich Russomanno 2019 View
190014 The Development of a Photopolymer Based Additive Manufacturing Process for Producing a Unique No-label Look Decoration Without a Laminated Face-stock Anthony Carignano 2019 View
190001 Evaluation of Light Measurement Instruments Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. 2019 View
180300 Electrical Performance Analysis of Gravure Printed Conductors on Film Substrate using Line Screen, Line Width and Sintering Method Factors Bilge Altay 2018 View
180288 Color Management In Cosmetics Packaging Kelsey Burgett 2018 View
180263 Spectrophotometers & Measuring OBAs (Optical Brightener Additives) Christopher Smyth, Scott Millward, and Gerry Gerlach 2018 View
180242 Determining Typical Human Color Difference Thresholds Between Opposite Sexes Chauncey Huffman 2018 View
180227 Visual and Numerical Evaluation of Metallic Inks and How They Compare to Numerical Colour Differences Martin Habekost and Xiaoying Ma 2018 View
180203 Optimal Tone Reproduction Curves for Color Printing William B. Birkett and Charles Spontelli 2018 View
180180 Defining Consistent Color Appearance for Print Images Elena Fedorovskaya, Robert Chung, David Hunter, Pierre Urbain,and Don Hutcheson 2018 View
180170 Network-Mediated Peer Group Image Measurement Henry Freedman, Dr. Peter Crean and Dr. Peter Dundas 2018 View
180162 New Valuation Method for Durability of Text Books Csaba Horváth, Erzsébet Novotny, István Lőrincz, and Péter Teleki 2018 View
180151 Evaluation of TAPPI Brightness versus Other Brightness Indices Hanyi Cheng and Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. 2018 View
180144 A Tamper-evident Ink Toshiki Hayashi 2018 View