Videograph Communications Systems.


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J. J. Stone, Jr.


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Videograph electrostatic printing utilizes a cathode ray tube with a finely packed array of wires through the faceplate to produce electrostatic images at high speed on the surface of a dielectrically coated paper. Equipment utilizing this process is in commercial use; one installation is currently producing five million magazine address labels per week per machine and is operating as a digital printer at 13,800 lines per minute. A second installation of Videograph equipment is undergoing systems test and will be used for transmitting documents over microwave to a central computing center for processing. The Videograph equipment is suited to applications where high speed document production is essential. These markets are those in which non-repetitive documents are to be produced in great numbers. The process is capable of line rates in excess of 10,000 lines per minute when operating as a digital printer and is capable of facsimile-like reproductions in excess of three square feet of copy per second.

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