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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
120421 Variable Data Printing (VDP): A Case Study of Implementing Variable Data and Digital Printing in the Communication Technology Program at Eastern Michigan University David Gore, Marie Lee, and Jon Baucher Jr. 2012 View
120411 Scannability of Printed QR Codes Renmei Xu, Susan C. Londt, and Edward J. Lazaros 2012 View
120394 Database Publishing & Variable Data Publishing Abstract Barbara J. Wenke 2012 View
120383 Lightfastness of Paperboards Coated with UV-Cured Varnish Abhijit Bhattacharya, Swati Bandyopadhyay, and Phil Green 2012 View
120365 Investigation on the Application of the Tristimulus Linear Correction and Colorimetric Density for Process Color Calibration Dimitri Ploumidis 2012 View
120353 Constructing an ICC Display profile: How It Really Works Reem El Asaleh, Paul D. Fleming III, and Alexandra Pekarovicova 2012 View
120342 Gray Reproduction & Its Conformity Assessment Robert Chung 2012 View
120332 Measuring of the Water Layer Thickness in the Offset Printing Process Erwin Widmer and Dr. Klaus-Peter Dotzel 2012 View
120322 Metals in Paper and Ink of “U.S. Three-Cent Bank Note Stamp” Alexandra Pekarovicova, Maria Simekova, Jan Pekarovic, Kristian Slovak, and John Barwis 2012 View
120310 Determining the Drying Time of Printing Inks on Different Media by Laser Speckle Method Manabu Yamakoshi and Xiaoying Rong 2012 View
120282 Understanding the Importance of Double Coated Paper Structure in Printing Patrice J. Mangin, Claude Daneault, Martin Dubé, and Daniel Matte 2012 View
120268 The Transformation of Backing Correction to Substrate Correction David Q. McDowell 2012 View
120256 Does Print Complement Mobile Computing? David Uyttendaele, Charles Gehman 2012 View
120204 Analysis of Damage to Direct Mail in the Postal Stream Anthony Stanton, Dr. Mark Bohan, and Lindsay Ferrari 2012 View
120184 Magazine Publishing: Editorial Process Structure and Environmental Impacts – A Case Study Malin Picha, Mohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei, and Åsa Moberg 2012 View
120175 Elimination of Pressure Sensitive Label and Deinkability of Water Based Flexographic and NIP Inks in One Recycling Step Roland Gong, Veronika Husovska, Paul D. Fleming III, Jan Pekarovic, John Cameron and Hou T. Ng 2012 View
120167 Quality of Digitally Printed Paperboard for Folding Cartons Xiaoying Rong, C. Michael Shedd, Nathan Ostrout 2012 View
120152 Sustainable Development and Color Reproduction Study of Tree-Free Paper Yu-Ju Wu, John Craft and Susan Doll 2012 View
120124 Specification Establishment of UVWide-Format Inkjet Print Attributes and Industry Survey Dr. Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Ms. Ssu-Yi Cheng 2012 View
120113 An Investigation of Characterizing Screen Printing Conditions for Producing Electroluminescent Halftone Display Xiaoying Rong, C. Michael Shedd, Nathan Ostrout 2012 View
120083 The Relevance of Printing Processes in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Manufacturing Chloé Bois, Anne Blayo, Didier Chaussy, Rémi Vincent, Christine Nayoze 2012 View
120067 Brightened Substrate Correction on a Spectral Scale Michael Dattner and Daniel Bohn 2012 View
120057 Quantitative Analysis of Tone Value Reproduction Limits Robert Chung and Ping-Hsu Chen 2012 View
120041 ICC Profile Creation and Modeling Errors William Li, Martin Habekost 2012 View
120001 A Universal Model for Halftone Reflectance John Seymour, Patrick Noffke 2012 View
110437 HDR Photography of Products Richard M. Adams II, Alexandru Andrei, Dusan Sigulinski, and Tanya Walters 2011 View
110403 PDF Workflows for the Real World Jason Lisi and Christopher Smyth 2011 View
110395 Dependence of Color Reproduction on Graphics Software and Digital Printing Processes Hemant Bohra and Paul D Fleming III 2011 View
110385 The Effects of Clear Toner on the Color Gamut of a Digital Press Robert Grotans and Paul D. Fleming III 2011 View
110374 Profiling CMOS vs. CCD Digital Cameras Richard M. Adams II, Jenna Fullerton, and Christopher Smyth 2011 View

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