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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
150096 The Effect of OBA in Paper and Illumination Level on Perceptibility of Printed.. Changlong Yu, Robert Chung, and Bruce Myers 2015 View
150078 Investigation of the Implementation Aspects of the M1 Condition David Wyble and John Seymour 2015 View
150062 Printing Transparent Grid Patterns with Conductive Silver Ink with Flexography Colleen Twomey, Dr. Xiaoying Rong, Dr. Liam O’Hara, Dr. Charles Tonkin, Dr. Malcolm Keif 2015 View
150053 Active and Intelligent Packaging Dr. Mark F.J. Bohan and John Bodnar 2015 View
150046 An Analysis of M0 and M1 Measurement Conditions Bruce Leigh Myers and Rachel Silvestrini 2015 View
150035 Inter-Instrument Agreement for M1 Conditions and Its Implications for Graphic... Veronika Lovell, Robert Marcus and Danny C. Rich 2015 View
150028 XJDF – The evolution of JDF Rainer Prosi 2015 View
150015 The science behind the Theory of Global Optimization: Lean redefined... Udi Arieli 2015 View
150007 Bringing 2D Inkjet into 3D Forming Applications Using Monofunctional,... Don Sloan and Mike Plier 2015 View
150001 Achieving the Newest Generation of Flexo Plate Capabilities and Its Implementati Dr. John Anderson 2015 View
140294 The science behind the Theory of Global Optimization: Lean redefined for the printing industry Udi Arieli 2014 View
140286 Gravure Press Calibration by G7 Simulation Robert Chung, Chiawei Wu, and Jing Sheng 2014 View
140273 Functional Properties of Phthalocyanine Dye Based Inks Yumeizhi Jia, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming III 2014 View
140260 The Evolution of Flexo Platemaking and the Application and Implications of Full High-Definition Flexo Thomas Klein 2014 View
140244 The Science of Tuning Color on Toner-Based Copiers/Printers Kirk Szymanski 2014 View
140236 Digital Print Entering B2 Format: Challenges & Solutions Nir Mosenson 2014 View
140221 Color Reproduction Study on POP Display Media Using Pigment-based Inkjet Printers Yu-Ju Wu 2014 View
140205 Technologies to Increase Productivity on Sheetfed Offset Presses Clarence Penge 2014 View
140186 Comparison of Various RIP Software Solutions in Regards to Output Resolution Capabilities Martin Habekost, Rhonda Atkinson 2014 View
140175 Soybean Oil for Enhanced Deinking of Litho Prints Veronika Husovska, Jan Pekarovic, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Paul D. Fleming III 2014 View
140165 Multi-Technology Electronic Printing on Ultra-Smooth PowerCoat Paper Michael Carlisle, Gael Depres, Victor Thenot, Nadège Reverdy-Bruas, and Denis Curtil 2014 View
140151 Mechanisms That Determine Tack Force Experienced By the Paper During Printing Harrison Gates and Douglas W. Bousfield 2014 View
140141 CMYK vs. KCMY Color Sequence Evaluation Gary G. Field 2014 View
140131 Screen Printing Imaging Technologies for Fine Features in Printed Electronics Applications Xiaoying Rong and Malcolm Keif 2014 View
140125 Sustainability & Growth of a Daily Newspaper K.K. Puri 2014 View
140115 Inkjet Ink with Soy Protein Zahra Mashhadi Khodabakhsh, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Paul D. Fleming ІІІ 2014 View
140104 Further Analyses of the Relationship between Midtone Spread and ∆Ch Robert Chung, Pierre Urbain, and Jing Sheng 2014 View
140091 The Effective Use of Statistics George Isaac and Ragy Isaac 2014 View
140082 An Evaluation of Instrumental Measurement Condition with Fluorescing Substrates and Colorants Bruce Leigh Myers 2014 View
140064 Optimization Algorithm that Generates the Lowest ΔEab Values to a Reference Standard Based on Spectral Measurements of Solid Inks in Offset Lithography Søren Tapdrup Jensen 2014 View

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