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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
180203 Optimal Tone Reproduction Curves for Color Printing William B. Birkett and Charles Spontelli 2018 View
180180 Defining Consistent Color Appearance for Print Images Elena Fedorovskaya, Robert Chung, David Hunter, Pierre Urbain,and Don Hutcheson 2018 View
180170 Network-Mediated Peer Group Image Measurement Henry Freedman, Dr. Peter Crean and Dr. Peter Dundas 2018 View
180162 New Valuation Method for Durability of Text Books Csaba Horváth, Erzsébet Novotny, István Lőrincz, and Péter Teleki 2018 View
180151 Evaluation of TAPPI Brightness versus Other Brightness Indices Hanyi Cheng and Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. 2018 View
180144 A Tamper-evident Ink Toshiki Hayashi 2018 View
180131 Accurate Prototyping and Proofing Bruce Brown and Allie Specht 2018 View
180121 Moving Towards Disruption: Early Movers Incorporate NFC into Smart Packaging Nathan J. Neil, PMP, James Sulfare Jr. and Dr. Joseph Catanio 2018 View
180111 Lateral Paper Web Position during Commercial Heat Set Web Offset Printing George Shields, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Jan Pekarovic 2018 View
180101 First Steps to Develop Molecular Switches for Piezoelectric Inkjet Mustafa Bilgin and Johannes Backhaus 2018 View
180097 The Importance of Open Industry Standards in the Next Generation Production Systems Stefan Meissner 2018 View
180085 Instrumental Analysis-based Evaluation of Print Blanket Rubber Swelling Asuka Uchida and Yasushi Ozaki 2018 View
180071 The Impact of White Space on User Experience for Tablet Editions of Magazines Fanyi Cheng, Christine Heusner, and Elena Fedorovskaya 2018 View
180053 Exploring the Association between Current-State and Future-State Technology-Mediated Collaborative Workflow in Print and Graphic Communications Industry Christopher Bondy 2018 View
180027 Statistical process control of color John Seymour 2018 View
180015 Advantages of Spectral Data for Subtractive Color Models Thorsten Braun and Jodi Alejandro 2018 View
180001 Measuring CMYK Halftones: The Case for Spot Color Tone Value Formula Mike Strickler 2018 View
60542 Analyzing Relative Humidity Problems in Digital Printing Art Seto 2006 View
170376 Brand Personality (Web vs. Print): Consumer Perception of Color in Branding Justin Furgurson 2017 View
170369 Studies on the Social Judgment of Paper-based Communication in a Special Environment Csaba Horvath and Erzsébet Novotny 2017 View
170359 New Initiatives in the Joint Educational Cooperation of Central European Universities in the Field of Graphic Communications Csaba Horvath and Diana Milcic 2017 View
170342 Impact of Substrate Weight and Brightness on Color Quality of Electro-photographic Digital Color Printing Dr. Haji Naik Dharavath 2017 View
170335 The Issues in Printing Security Documents Which Have Intrinsic Value Richard Goodman, Adam Trexler and Jillian Schanzenbach 2017 View
170327 An Evaluation of the Effect of Instrument Geometry on Color Management for Printed Textiles Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. 2017 View
170312 The Analysis of Inline Color Measurements for Package and Labels Printing Using Statistical Process Monitoring Techniques Brian M. Gamm and Rachel Silvestrini 2017 View
170299 Web Cleaning: How Process Parameters Impact Cleaner Selection Joseph Rodibaugh 2017 View
170290 Influencing the Profile of an Inkjet Printed Layer on Glass by Using Optimized Solvent Mixtures Lena Janßen and Ulrich Jung 2017 View
170277 Exploring the Effect of Gray Balance and Tone Reproduction on Consistent Color Appearance Elena Fedorovskaya, Robert Chung, David Hunter, and Pierre Urbain 2017 View
170270 3D Printed Thermoplastic Polymers for Bone Replacement Azem Yahamed, Pavel Ikonomov, Michael Joyce, Paul D. Fleming and Alexandra Pekarovicova 2017 View
170256 Assessing Perceptual and Physical Aspects of Printed Products By Quantitative and Visual Means Veronika Lovell and Danny Rich 2017 View

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