Technicians and Technical Education for the Printing Industry.


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Samuel M. Burt


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This paper will discuss printing plant technicians and suggest a program of education and training for use by two-year terminal, post-high school educational institutions. A more detailed discussion of these matters is contained in the report Technical Education for the Printing Industry, and Science for Printing Education Programs, published by the International Graphic Arts Education Association in association with the Education Council of the Graphic Arts Industry, December 1961. It appears that the printing industry employs two types of technicians: (1) the production technician, and (2) the administrative technician. While their duties and responsibilities are dissimilar, there is a basic format in their jobs which distinguishes them as technicians. The work of the technician deals largely with technical knowledge and understanding, utilization of instrumentation, charts, records, and controls. The curriculum for pre-employment training of technicians will include much basic and applied science and mathematics. Laboratory work is designed to develop technical knowledge and technical skills. The intellectual level of student required for successful completion of the technician curriculum is higher than that needed for the skilled crafts.

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