Technical Education in the Lithographic Industry.


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David M. Cumming


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The overwhelming need of the offset industry today is for well trained technicians, craftsmen and executives. The highly developed techniques of modern offset lithography call for more than the ordinary grade of personnel. There must be systematic selection and training of those who are to fill the ranks of the offset industry in the executive, technical and the operative spheres. Haphazard training has to be avoided and a program built up which will ensure an adequate flow of trained personnel for this rapidly advancing and expanding industry. A brief survey will be made of the problems confronting the modern school of lithography, problems of staffing, equipment, teaching methods and the hundred and one difficulties which confront those endeavoring to provide an adequate training pro gram geared to the times. Comparisons will be drawn between principal types of training centers such as Technical Institutes, Trade Schools, In-plant Training Establishment, etc., and the function of each type discussed. There is a tremendous need for more and even better centers for training the offset men of the future, and the industry must give urgent and early consideration as to how the problem can best be tackled.

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