Methodology to Assess Green House Gas Emissions and Emission-related Risks for Companies


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Michael Has


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To prevent average atmospheric temperatures from rising the emissions of Green House Gases need to be restricted. For that most of the industrialized nations implemented measures to limit such emissions plus develop implementable measures to reduce them. To enforce that an annual percentage of reduction is often legally required. In order to develop fitting strategies for reduction at a given company it is initially required to numerically know the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions within a defined period of time - especially also their main contributions. Consequently, methods are required to assess emissions and develop emission-factor-related strategies for reduction.
The article introduces to a method to assess the Green House Gas Protocol (GHP) Scope 1-, 2 -, and 3 -Emissions and gives examples for main contributors. Related to the emissions and the increasing likelihood of court cases, penalties and negative publicity partly severe risks come into existence for each individual company. Such risks are introduced, structured and examples are given.

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