An Efficient, Eigital Way to Produce Ink Drawdowns


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Marc Levine


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Spot colors are an important way for the brand owner to communicate the spirit and quality of their brand to the customer. As a result, brands spend a tremendous amount of time and effort in selecting colors that define their brand and protecting those colors as they are reproduced across the supply chain.

Spot colors used in packaging are a critical component of how a brand connects to its customers. Who doesn't know Coke red, the Reese's orange, or Pampers' teal? On the printed package, those spot colors are often reproduced using a spot ink, which is an ink that is specially-formulated to recreate that particular spot color on the printed package. In today's supply chain, it is increasingly common for brands to specify these ink colors to their printers and include the tolerances (range of difference) that they are willing to accept during the print production process. The sharing and qualification of how that color will be printed is typically called the "color approval" process.

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