New Valuation Method for Durability of Text Books


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Csaba Horváth, Erzsébet Novotny, István Lőrincz, and Péter Teleki


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Although nowadays the use of the devices of electronic communication as an option is more and more frequently considered, school books have still remained the fundamental learning aids. But what is a durable school book like?
The article describes the test methods that the authors have determined for the description of the structural durability of school books. There were seven types of school books differing from each other in format and/or binding technology tested, and applied to model the book-using "'habits" of students; the results have been systematically arranged, and options have been determined for the improvement of durability properties.

In summary of the test results, it can be claimed that with respect to durability school books are made ideal when they are designed in smaller dimensions and with the smallest possible weight. It is better to have paperback covers, because during the performed tests hardcover books reflected more serious damage.

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