Instrumental Analysis-based Evaluation of Print Blanket Rubber Swelling


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Asuka Uchida and Yasushi Ozaki


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The rubber of print blankets and transferred rolls may deteriorate due to the swelling and extraction resulting from the interaction of solvents and ink on the printing machine.
A method of evaluating rubber deterioration had not previously been clearly established. In the present study, a technique for understanding the deterioration of rubber due to the effect of inks and solvents was developed using analytical instruments.
The process of rubber's swelling and extraction was evaluated in detail as an effect of the solvents and ink.
As a result, compatibility between rubbers and solvent/ink types can be predicted before printing.
To confirm the utility of the prior evaluation, two blankets were selected, and the printing test was carried out with a real machine. After that, printing qualities and states of blankets were evaluated. In the end, the condition of the blankets after printing was found to be in accordance with pre-printing assessments.

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