New Initiatives in the Joint Educational Cooperation of Central European Universities in the Field of Graphic Communications


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Csaba Horvath and Diana Milcic


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Five Central European universities have been working in collaboration for years now in the education and research of graphic communication. In addition to aligning their activities with each other, they aspire to shape and adopt novel forms of joint work. The authors are presenting two of these new and successful initiatives where they have taken leading roles from raising the idea until implementation. "ING" has been originated by the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb as the annual study competition for university students in the field of "graphic engineering and design". Beyond professional performance, it has the objective to allow students to earn experience in "team work" in an intercultural environment, reasonable division of work and cooperation. This competition is organized in April each year. The "CHIP Plus" program is Obuda University's response to the Zagreb competition. The underlying reason is that the students from Zagreb are somewhat disadvantaged in the competition, as they invariably compete in home grounds. Therefore, in this project they are permanent guests. The hosting Hungarian university invites another university team from one of the collaborating institutions every year. The authors have reckoned that the detailed description of these successfully implemented programs can present examples for and encourage ideas in relation to other collaborations with the involvement of the community of teachers.

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