Leveraging Package Prototypes for Cost Reduction


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Jean Terio Pierce and Kelsi Raye Richter


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Companies have recognized a sizable cost reduction by developing package prototypes for customers prior to production. Prototypes enable the customer to visualize the final product without going to the full expense and extended process of setting up a production run. New technology has moved this step earlier in the workflow by enabling visualization of packages in a digital environment.

Many companies may be considering how to plan investment allocation to adapt their process to this new technology. Initial investment costs for software can be prohibitive. However, efficiency improvements and error reduction may enable a redistribution of resources in such a way that the potential for growth is accelerated. For small businesses that do not specialize in packaging and do not plan to generate multiple packages each month, rather than investing in this solution, partnerships with companies that have the volume to justify the purchase may added to a growth plan.

Further study and analysis of fiscal results and efficiency is recommended.

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