Using Virtual Pressrun to Implement Press Calibration


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Robert Chung, Fanyi Cheng, and Sanyukta Hiremath


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Press calibration requires two pressruns. Run 1 determines outer color gamut and Run 2, printing with adjusted data in relation to a specified printing condition (Device 1), determines in-gamut colors. In this project, we define virtual pressrun as the application of a device-to-PCS colorimetric transform of a printer ICC profile in Run 2 to calibrate a press, Device 2. The goal is to compare the results of three methods of data adjustment suggested by ISO TS 10128, i.e., TVI adjustment, device link adjustment, and gray balance adjustment. A secondary goal is to compare the results of the virtual pressrun to actual printing with the adjusted data. Results show that virtual pressrun acts as Run 2 proxy in press calibration without run-to-run variation. Using virtual pressrun and visual simulation of pictorial color image reproduction, this research demonstrates that printing adjusted data to Device 2 can be used as a proof for production printing on Device 1.

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